Thursday, October 14, 2010

Westie Wednesday - On Thursday. Again.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (that is the sound of a busy bee!)

I'm not complaining.  Because I'm making $$.  BUT...I sure would welcome a break to catch up on some of my blog loves, and what is going on in their lives.  I feel so left behind :(

Let's see here.....

Saturday Daisy and I took the pups to the farm to pick out our pumpkins!!!  They were very excited on the drive there:

(someone needs a haircut ASAP!)

I told you that Louis picked out our pumpkins, which he did.  BUT...what I did not tell you was about this pointer of sorts that mounted and attempted to BREED, or whatever, with Louis.  Ummm, hello!!  Louis is a B-O-Y.  Clearly that pointer was not paying attention to that rather important fact.  The owner of the farm said "Jack does not get off of the farm very often, I'm not sure he cares if Louis is a boy or a girl."  I was so overwhelmed after that, that Daisy had to prop me up on a bail of hay.

As you can tell, Louis is out of breath from trying to escape the clutches of the pointer.  It was all quite traumatic.

Monday Louis and I  went to the dog park.  Louis started out with the little pups, and then he cried at the fence to the big dog side.  So I let him go in with the big dogs.  Like German Shepherds and Pit Bulls.  And he had a lovely time.  And they trampled over him.  But he was happy.  So happy, that he proceeded to "mark" my backpack.  What gives?  Apparently Louis is very jealous when other pups try to meet me and have a pet on the head.  I am only allowed to give any love to Louis I suppose?

Tuesday was a very boring day in the life of Louis Wellington.

Wednesday, however, was trés fun!  Day care all day long, where he was sent back to the tea cup section because he was apparently beaten up by a Jack Russell.  Clearly the Jack Russell should have been put in time out, rather than punishing my little muffin who was NOT at fault in any way.  But whatever.  Louis didn't care.  He told all of the pups that he was attending cooking class that evening, and they were all jealous.  As they should be.  Because Louis is the best pup at day care.  The best pup in the world, actually.  But I digress....

(cooking class began with the pups announcing their attendance)

(after supper, Grace wanted to try on her pumpkin Halloween costume)

(Louis whined and cried.  he wanted to try on a costume as well.  be careful what you ask for LW.  you are now.....a BAT!)

(a bat with a cute little tongue!)

(oooohhhh...what are you G?  a devil??  yes i think so!)

(WAIT!  Louis wants to be a devil as well, please!)

(ahhh...the favorite outfit of the night.  Louis is a hula girl.)

(at one point Louis got so excited that he wanted to dance.  he's quite the dancer when he's in the mood.  Fred Astaire who?)

(finally, sweet Louis limped over to me and declared that it was his bed time.)

This morning he refused to get out of the bed.  He was too sleepy.  He is probably still sleeping.  That's just fine, because he is going to need his rest tonight :)

Today is Julep's birthday!! 

Tonight we will be heading over to Julep's house for supper and prezzies.  Louis has purchased Julep some yummy treats, and a little toy.  They are boyfriend and girlfriend, you see.  It's quite important that Louis be present and accounted for....



how i met your father blog said...

your little guy is such a good sport!! i have found that i'm looking forward to westie wednesday more and more each week, he is just too cute!!

Ann said...

Louis may be in desperate need of a haircut but Duke is way beyond desperate, he looks downright homeless. Louis sure makes a cute bat. He's just one busy guy.

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

T - loved all your photo's ... it was a nice surprise to see a full face photo of you and Louis ... there should be more of them!

You're always on the go ... and don't know how you do it! Keep having fun and enjoying life...Katie

Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

OMG! The Halloween costumes! So cute!

The Bee Charmer said...

Of course Louis is the best puppy at day care!! How could he not be?

Jenny DB said...

ok i thought i was doggy nuts but you take the cake! hehe he is precious though. and perfect. obviously. except the whole marking your bag thing.. and taking it up the bum by the pointer. what a slut ;-)