Monday, January 31, 2011

My Weekend Was....Friends, Fondue & Flannel

I finally had a weekend ahead with no plans.  Well, none until Sunday Brunch.  What is a girl to do?  Stay in PJ's all weekend?  Watch movies?  Read books?

Not this girl.  I decided that a Friday night impromptu dinner party was called for!  I feel like I haven't had the chance to see much of WIMP or Babbo Natale lately, so I invited them to dinner.  I made my now infamous Low Cal Chicken Cordon Bleu and salads.  I was so busy gabbing away, I neglected to take many pictures that night :(  Here are a few:

(WIMP and Mr. WIMP killed us in Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition)

(they were very excited about their win)

(i suggested Cranium, hoping for better luck)

(WIMP was flirting with LW and he loved every minute of it!)

(Louis loves having people over to the house)

A lovely evening, with a wee bit too much wine ensued. 

Saturday was a lazy day, and I was excited to prepare for the evening's plans.  Fondue Night at T's House!  I'm embarrassed to say that I've never had/done fondue before.  I knew what it was all about, just hadn't actually done it.  Daisy came up with the idea, as she got a new fondue pot for Christmas.  We invited D & PTB (remember them from THIS POST) to join us.  TEN and I "brought" cheese fondue, bread and apples (first course) and the veggies for part of the second course.  Daisy brought all of the meat for the second course, and D&PTB brought the chocolate, vanilla and fruit for the third course.  We each also brought wine that was supposed to compliment our course.  It worked our beautifully!

(is it odd that i'm fascinated with this contraption?)

Course #1 - Cheese Fondue
with crusty bread & apples



Course #2 - Hot Oil
with Veggies, Steak, Chicken & Shrimp

Course #3 - Chocolate Fondue
with angel food cake, bananas, strawberries & pineapple

(Louis was such a good boy, and it was KILLING him not to know what all the excitement was at the table.  After we finished dessert, we let him "join us" for a minute)

(a little bit of Taboo never hurt anyone!)

(the buzzer got lots of use Saturday night)

(LW adores PTB :)

Sunday we were up early for PJ Brunch Club!  Babbo Natale was the hostess for this brunch, and she does make the best cheese grits known to man!  I was so excited to catch up with Babbo Natale's mum, who was in town, that I didn't snap a single picture of brunch :(  I couldn't find any on Facebook yet, but I'm hoping we have a few.

The boys and the girls all still remembered to take our "after brunch" group photo though :)

(JTT, Mr. Barbie & TEN)

(me, Barbie, IT & Babbo Natale)

All around, quite the lovely weekend!  I'm so very thankful for all of the lovely people I have been blessed to have in my life :)

I hope your weekend was lovely too!  Rumor has it that Smalltown, VA may get some ice/wintery mix nonsense tonight and tomorrow night.  Good thing I got most of my socializing out of the way :) 



BelleinBows said...

You always have such fun weekends! I love reading about them. Fondue and game night... perfection!

Tote said...

What a lovely weekend! Good friends, good food and good wine. I am glad you enjoyed yourself, and it was nice that ten was included.
Have a great day!

Dee Stephens said...

A fondue party! How fun!

Annie said...

Fun weekend! I've only had fondue one time at The Melting Pot. Other than that, no clue about it!

Glad you guys had a great time!

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend!!! I LOVE jealous! We got out and enjoyed the sun a little :) bring on the ice (I want more snow days...shhh)

MCW said...

I thought we were done with these white squares!

Looks like a fun winter weekend...jealous of your dinner parties. Not enough space up here in NYC for those!

Ann said...

looks like a fun weekend. My daughter just bought a fondue pot with a gift card I sent her for Christmas.

REBrown said...

I've always wanted to try this!

Anonymous said...

Your fondue party looks like it was so much fun!