Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Skull & Crossbones...Here I come! - RePost

I'm going to a get together at a private club tonight. I was invited by a good friend (male) who is convinced that I will find Mr. Seersucker at said private club. I've been to the club before, and know quite a few of it's members. I've never dated any of them, but for some reason I am never really "looking" for a potential Mr. Seersucker when I'm out with my friends. I'm told that this is probably part of the problem. So...I've put together a cute little outfit and I'm ready to check out the membership.

I wanted to share my outfit for tonight, and I tried that thing to put it together. The thing is....they don't so much have anything that I am wearing, or anything that resembles it. So excuse the hodge podge pasty paste I've tried to assemble below :)

In MY WORLD this is an Elizabeth Halter DRESS from J. Crew. I got it at an outlet store a few weeks ago, and apparently it was there because it's old school? I can't find it anywhere online. It also is not red. It's a floral print with royal blue, black and a natural color. This was the best I could do!

It's supposed to get chilly tonight, so I'm throwing this J.Crew cardigan in my bag just in case!

This fun little ring is ALMOST exactly like mine. I, however, got mine at Charlotte Russe for $4. I couldn't find my ring anywhere, so this will suffice.

And ears will be adorned with my extra-large faux pearls.

So...that's it! I realize I am going to look a bit like a crayola crayon box threw up all over me, but that's nothing unusual for me. Perhaps I am rushing the season a tad, but I just can't wait to break out all of my bright colorful things!

Wish me luck tonight friends!


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