Friday, August 7, 2009

Bad, Bad Spider...Why Did You Bite Me?

I've been gone for a few days, but it hasn't been my fault. It's was the fault of this nasty little spider. I can't tell you what kind he was because he fled the scene of the crime before I even knew there was a crime!

Last Tuesday I was bitten on my side. It was red and itchy and painful. I scratched it, and then put some antibiotic on it thinking that would solve the problem. WRONG! I won't go into details, because it really isn't pleasant...let's just say that I ended up in Urgent Care on Wednesday with a doctor sticking a needle into my side. Ouch!

MK went with me, thank goodness! I'm kindove sensitive when it comes to doctors and needles and such. I have good reason. I never get a cold really. I get attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets (which it turns out I'm deathy allergic to) and end up in the ER where they promptly cut my let open to extract stingers. This happens at least once a year. Well, not exactly that...but something that dramatic. I was 100% sure the doctor would have to cut me as a result of this spider bite. Thank heavens he just jabbed needles in me :)

So, I'm all bandaged up and on antibiotics and feeling rather pitiful during my recouperation. It's not life threatening or anything, but I'm milking it for all it's worth. Every time I clean/dress my wound TEN says "eeewwww...gross". I proceed to pout and then he makes me a steak dinner. I'm kindove thinking I'm not going to let on when I'm all healed!

As I said, I haven't a clue what kind of spider has bitten me. I'm imagining it must have looked like this due to all of the damange he's done:




Melia said...

YIKES that spider is gross and scary. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that proooooobably wasn't the type of spider that got you-- but in looking at the nastiness on your side, I wouldn't be too suprise. Ew. You should probably have a warning on that post.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope you're feeling better -- the only good kind of spider is a dead one! Maybe TEN should do a complete search of your place to insure there are no other "friends" living there...