Monday, April 19, 2010

Bowties & Brunch

What a full weekend I had!!  The weather was absolutely lovely, and I took advantage of it as much as I could :)

Friday evening TEN and I decided to lay low.  We had quite the weekend ahead of us, and we thought resting up Friday night would be wise.  We did, however, venture out to the grocery I was hosting PJ Brunch Club on Sunday morning and hadn't purchased a thing!

Grocery shopping probably took a bit longer than it should have.  This is due to my latest obsession.  Have you purchased/read/heard of Eat This Not That

These are the neatest books in the world.  I realized that half of the things I'm eating in an attempt to be "healthy" are absolutely NOT healthy.  Who knew that turkey bacon was worse for you than regular bacon?  These books are chocked full of this type of information, AND they tell you exactly what to buy to save yourself hundreds of calories a day.  You won't even notice a change in taste...believe me!  I've already eaten the bacon they suggest, the cheese, the bread, the sliced deli turkey AND the mayo. 

I'm not saying you are going to drop 20lbs by simply eating the suggested brands out of this book, but you certainly should see some difference.  The knowledge that Healthy Choice meals aren't all that healthy?  There are some of them that are actually very UNhealthy.  Who knew?

Saturday I had a hair appointment and so did Louis!  I adore my haircut (basically the same really, just much shorter) and Louis adores his too.  He was hand stripped for the first time.  I am so excited about this I can't even tell you!!!   A westie looks so much more proper (in my opinion) when they are hand stripped.  The problem was, Smalltown, VA didn't appear to have anyone who was trained to do this.  Obviously persistence pays, and I ended up finding a lovely woman who hand strips.  Louis did very well (according to the groomer) and has an excellent coat for stripping.  However, she plans to have me come back every 3 weeks for a while until she works through his whole coat.  Since this is his first go at handstripping she didn't do all of him at once.

Here is Louis with his "new do":

The groomer said it would probably take about 4 to 6 months until he looks proper.  This is due to the buzz cut he received from the last groomer.  Poor little guy:(

Saturday night was Babbo Natale's birthday celebration!  It was entitled Bowties and Belles and it was absolutely fabulous!!  I had my camera with me, but was so busy talking to all of Babbo Natale's lovely friends I only took 3 pictures.  AND...they aren't very good.  Sigh.  So, I stole a few from someone's Facebook to share!

(Babbo Natale on the right, and a girlfriend of hers)

(a group of Babbo Natale's friends-MK is second from the left and I'm 4th from the left)

(MK and I on the dance floor!)

Babbo Natale's celebration was absolutely lovely, and we were so very sad when it was over!  However, TEN and I had to head straight home so that we could get ourselves rested for Sunday's festivities. 

PJ Brunch Club Menu at my home this time included:

Belgian Waffles with fresh fruit
"Made for You" Omelets

And of course, MIMOSAS!

(here is a picture of my dining room table set for brunch)

(i did a mix & match of place settings...all spring themed of course!)

(this is the other rotation of place setting)

(these are the fresh cut flowers i chose)

(TEN making Belgian waffles)

(the finished product....YUMMM!)

(fresh fruit for the waffles)

(this is my favorite picture of Louis.  the sun was in his eyes and he had been running all around the yard and was completely exhausted.  doesn't he look pitiful?  i shouldn't giggle...but i can't help myself!)

(the girls)

(the boys...and Louis of course!)

(TEN and Louis)

(the boys were playing ladder golf and used the lawn mower as a side table.  we are so classy sometimes!)

(the damage...)

We had friends stay over until around 6:30, and then TEN and I headed to a local restaurant for dinner outside on the patio.  Then, we trekked over to Daisy's house for a visit since she had been gone for the weekend.  We took Louis of course, and he played with the other pups. 

A lovely weekend was had by all!



MCW said...

I have been wanting to read those books! I guess I should stop by B&N!

Fad weekend. Love you all on the bed...looks like you are in a sorority!

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

What a fun post, I want to come to VA and party with y'all! Fun crew you have there! Beautiful brunch spread, yummy waffles and I'm loving the variety of place settings! So fun! :) Nice job girly!

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

I just realized I said fun three times in the last post. Perhaps if I wasn't so excited about your place settings and awesome party I could think up some alternative adjectives, like, awesome and beautiful! :) HEEEE!

Wendy said...

Both of your hairdo's look good! :) And i love the dress you're wearing in the first set of pics... you're very good with prints, m'dear!

Unknown said...

What a lovely weekend you had!! :)
I love your place settings! How cute to do the mix and match! And YUM to those Belgian Waffles... I think I might have drooled on my keyboard. haha
Also I LOVE those "Eat This Not That" books... I borrowed them from my future mom in law & I just downloaded the iPhone app the other day. Very cool!

Jenny DB said...

Aah your place settings look fabulous, and obviously louis and your haircuts as well.. Its so bizarre not seeing faces, its like I 'almost' know what yall look like :) btw u know u guys had almost 2 bottles of champagne each? Hehe good work! I heart sunday funday!!