Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're Ready Now. Bring on the Derby!

"Few things are more beautiful than a sunny day in Charlottesville in the spring time. The temperature is just warm enough for you to feel the heat, but the notorious summer humidity is still a few months away. The dogwoods are in their majestic pink and white blooms. The daffodils couldn’t be a more perfect yellow. And the folks living here gleefully shake off the long winter season with whatever outdoor activity they can find. There’s a gaiety to the air that’s infectious. And down off Garth Road on the last Saturday every April there’s a type of gaiety and cheer that can only come from 12oz cans and horse racing. The Fox Field Races are a C-ville tradition where the county’s blue-bloods picnic lavishly on the outer rim while UVA students drink themselves into a hilarious (if not dangerous) stupor. On the outfield it’s a white-collar picnic; on the infield it’s the most savage frat party you’ve ever seen in a field. Never mind the sundresses, bow ties, seersucker jackets and enough JCrew to barely stomach…"  - The American Festivals Project

Oh, and Louis says "Hi!":



Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Sounds like a rockin party! Hi back at ya Louis, here's a hug from Trishy! XOXO :)

the Hard Way said...

Thanks for the Welcome, T. I'm still sifting through a lot of this blogging stuff... more confusing than I anticipated! Love your pics! :)

MCW said...

Nothing like a pink flamingo taking a pink jello shot...

Emily Kathleen said...

Hahaha what an accurate description of Foxfield!! Hope you had an amazing time!

Love posts with pictures of Louis! He's just so precious :)

xo Queen Bee xo said...

Hey there!
Some of my BFF's from Hollins still get together every year and have the most fabulously preppy plaid plot Foxfield has ever seen. (it gets better each year) But they really are tailgating professionals. This year was no exception. I've seen the photos!
Love that description of the event itself! ha priceless.
Mr. LOUIS is super adorable too!
Have a great night!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a blast!!! :)
How funny the flamingo taking a jello shot!!!