Thursday, April 1, 2010

Snip, Snip

The day finally came.  It was time for my little man to be neutered :(  I went to a yoga seminar (more on that later..) last night with the girls, and then came home to snuggle with Louis.  I had this terrible feeling that something was going to go wrong today with his surgery.  I slept with him last night, on the couch.  I just couldn't stop snuggling with him because I kept thinking "what if this is the last time?"

I know.  Silly me.  But I just couldn't kick the feeling.

This morning as I strapped him into his booster seat in the car I almost called the vet to cancel.  Because really, this was elective surgery.  It didn't HAVE to be done.  I sat in the driveway with the car running for 10 minutes.  Then I called Daisy.  I asked her to tell me that everything was going to be okay.  She did.

As silly as it sounds, Louis is my little man.  I am his mother now.  He trusts me to do what is best for him.  To keep him safe.  I take that responsibility very seriously. 

As I pulled up at the vet's office he started hopping around, and couldn't wait to get out of the car.  He strained against his leash to get into the front door of the office.  He likes going to the vet.  Actually, he likes going anywhere.  As long as he is with me.  He truly is the happiest little pup I've ever come across.

The vet's assistant took off his harness and put a "noose" around his neck.  Then she put a plastic band around his neck with his name on it.  He started to realize that this was no ordinary visit.  He looked at me and hid under my skirt (I was squatting down next to him).  And he started to cry.  Then I started to cry.  And then they took him away.

I sat in the car in the parking lot thinking about the day TEN and I picked Louis out of the litter.  I was leaning towards this tiny little girl, but the breeder kept encouraging me to choose Louis.  And then Louis chose us.  And I can't even imagine how different things would be if it wasn't Louis who was mine. 

All day at work I've been fretting.  I've been waiting to hear from his vet.  And then she called.

They gave Louis Morphine, as they do all pups prior to surgery, to calm him down.  It didn't work.  He wanted to play.  They went ahead and gave him the anesthesia and did the surgery.  They placed him in a cage to rest and recoup, just like all the other little pups.  Louis woke up immediately and was jumping around.  He wanted to play.  He wrapped himself in his IV line three times in 10 minutes.  He had to have a vet's assistant assigned to watch him so that he wouldn't rip out his stitches.  He wanted to play with her.  So, she took him out of his cage to snuggle.  And he was happy. 

I'm counting down the hours until I get to pick him up :)



Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

Poor little Louis. I feel so badly for you both. I bet you're both ready for lots of cuddling tonight.

An American Girl in London said...

so i totally was just tearing up reading this. and that is NOT an april fools joke.

Jenny DB said...

oooh you did the right thing though, and everything is ok!!! :-) i can just imagine how stressed you must have been. TOTALLY BEEN THERE when we could NOT figure out what was wrong with bondi, and he had blood plasma transfusions and exploratory surgery and everything else. SO STRESSFUL. ps- i love that you called it a noose... i mean, in the silly kind of love way! anywhoodles.. happy thursday! and congrats on 101 followers..

Jess said...

I know it's not a mandatory thing, but I think getting him neutered was a good idea!! I'm glad both of you guys made it through the day and hopefully you pamper him tonight (he deserves it!!)

MCW said...

Glad you got it done. You could NEVER go to happy hour with puppies running around!

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Poor sweet baby Louis! Hope you get to cuddle tonight, for both of your's sakes! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead XOXO

Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

I just picked potter up a few hours ago from the 'snip snip' procedure. I was just like you! So worried to let him go in for surgery with me nowhere in sight! I felt even worse that he had to spend the night there without me post surgery. But I picked him up and he acted as if nothing in the least had happened to him! He is back to his usual self!