Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where is the PEEP?

I already shared with you the drama that occurred in our little part of the world on Saturday night.  So, I was a bit worried that our regular Easter festivities wouldn't take place.  I was wrong!

We met friends for brunch at 11:30, and then made it to the Big Wheel Race in plenty of time.  Yes, I did say Big Wheel Race.  It's an annual tradition!!  Adults line up on their Big Wheels and race down the spiral of a downtown parking garage.  Here, let me show you:

(please be sure to notice the Darth Vader helmet!  also, this isn't everyone.  there are bunches more people, but you get the idea....)

(taking the first turn!)

So anyway, this is what we do.  Some of us go to church, and then we meet for brunch, and then we head downtown for the Big Wheel Race. 

After the Big Wheel Race we generally do a bit of an Easter Cocktail Crawl.  Just our group, nothing organized, of course...but you know... 

This year TEN and I didn't want to stray to far from my house, because we wanted to keep dropping in and checking on Louis.

At brunch I had taken a PEEP off of the dessert table and had not eaten it.  I decided that we should bring it with us on our adventure.  Somewhat like "Where's Waldo", if you will.  I had no idea what this would turn into.  Here, let me share a little bit of the madness with you.....

(i thought the PEEP needed a hat)

(the boys dubbed him "gangsta PEEP")

(then "Bo PEEP")

(traveling PEEP...this was his seat in TEN's car)

(stylin' PEEP)

(biker PEEP)

(racing PEEP...can you spot the PEEP??)

(climbing PEEP)

(rainforest PEEP)

(pirate PEEP)

(cocktail PEEP)

(biker PEEP)

(almost eaten PEEP!)

(screwdriver PEEP)

(texting PEEP)

(fork in the PEEP)

(dollar PEEP)

(reggae PEEP)

(sweet tooth PEEP)

(kitchen PEEP)

(frisky PEEP)

(grisly PEEP!)

So, this was our Easter.  We were both completely exhausted from the night before, but knew we wouldn't be able to sleep.  Louis refuses to lay down with his "cone" on, so one of us has to stay with him to make sure he sleeps and doesn't bother the swollen area when the cone is off. 

He's getting better.  It's going to be okay :)  Thank you for all of your kind words. 

I have 2 more posts and then I'll be caught up!!  The next two posts shall be called:

Friday Night is College Night


My 100th Follower Giveaway!!!!

Stay Tuned,



Jenny DB said...

oh wow, that is dedication to the peep scapades!! *love it*

also this is my first time seeing louis the westie pic below where he's sleeping.. SO adorable!!!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

I love it! I am so doing a Where's Peep adventure next year. ;-)

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Oh girly I am obsessed with this post, THE BEST EVER! Easter Cocktail Crawl and Frisky Peep - HAHAA!

Did you know I have the Peeps cookbook? No lie! Wrote about it last month. Last Halloween I even made "Smeeps" (smores with Halloween marshmellow peeps) LOL!!! Funny thing is I really don't like the way they taste but they are too much fun to play with. I personally love the creamer cup hat you added ;)

And are you serious, Easter big wheel races? My husband would be out of his mind excited if he got to do that! So much fun.

XOXO Hugs to Louis!

Marian said...

Um, I so want to be part of that Big Wheel Race. I not only want to be part, I want to win it!!

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

OK - I'm really going to start to worry about you if you say ... take the peek on vacation with you and TEN! Which brings me to my story . . . Had friends who would 'adopt' a small teddy bear for a year and would write the adventures the bear would go on ... then the next year the bear was passed on to someone else with his little diary ... I say ... Get A Life ... but I guess I have no room to talk - I take my westies everywhere I can.

Glad little Louis is getting better - and by the way - you would be a great mom!

Blackeyed Susan said...

LOL yall are ridic, glad you had a good Easter!!!

Jess said...

That is too hilarious!! My favourite was the biker peep..so funny!

Glad you had a nice Easter! And wishing Louis a speedy recovery!

MCW said...

Favorite thing ever. I am assuming there were lots of drinks involved...

Kate said...

Amazing. What a cute idea. You should make a cheap photo book or something to display these!