Monday, April 12, 2010

Double Down is an Understatement

Friday night's Little Red Dress Party was so much fun!  A bunch of us climbed into B's tub for a photo op:

After the party, we all headed downtown.  It was an absolutely glorious Spring night!  I do not miss wearing a coat out and about at all :)

Louis was a very bad puppy Friday night, and he ate a pair of my favorite heels:

He carried TEN's shoes all around the apartment, but didn't chew on them.  I have to admit I took it a little bit personally.  Saturday morning, when I discovered the damage, I told Louis that he was a very bad puppy.  He cried and went into his crate.  And then I cried and snuggled with my shoe.  Well okay, not really, but it was pretty traumatic. 

Saturday TEN and I went furniture shopping.  On the way we stopped for "brunch" at KFC.  Seriously friends, KFC is now my very favorite fast food place.  Why have I never eaten there before?  It's like I never knew it existed, and now I cant get enough!

As a joke I posted a picture of this heart attack on a plate on my Facebook page the other day:

So, of course, when we entered KFC on Saturday I remarked "hey!  i wonder if they have that tasty sandwich yet?"  Turns out they did.  Turns out the thing is like 720 calories or something.  Turns out I didn't order it. 

I did, however, order this:

And it was tasty.  As in D-E-L-I-S-H!  Somehow their chicken is so moist, and spicy, but yet not soggy.  TEN said it was grease.  I think not!  I think it is some divine secret :)  If you are a LOVER of KFC too, print out some coupons HERE.  Pot Pie Combo for $4.99...WHAT? WHAT?

Saturday night TEN and I stayed in.   Sometimes it's nice to just relax and let your body rest isn't it?  That's what we did Saturday, so on Sunday we were ready to rock and roll!

After discovering that Louis had chosen to eat TEN's flip flop Saturday evening:

we decided that it would be a lovely day to head to our favorite local winery for a picnic.  We stopped on the way and got some BBQ and headed up the mountain.  Perfection!  My shoulders are cherry red and a bit sore, but it was worth it!

We met some friends for dinner later in the evening on the patio of a local restaurant, and we took Louis with us!  I've yet to find a restaurant that allowed me to bring Louis with me here in Smalltown, VA, so this was a real treat.  It was so nice to relax with friends and to watch him play with the little kids dining with their families. 

When we went to leave, the night took a turn for the worse though.  Someone stole TEN's wallet.  Yep.  It's gone, along with everything that was in it.  I asked him if there was a sexy picture of me tucked in there, and he said there was :-o  I'm pretty sure he's kidding, but the idea that someone would just take all of his things is so maddening!!  Someone stole my credit card a few months ago and took it shopping at Wal-Mart.  Yes.  Wal-Mart.  Spent bunches of money, but thankfully the bank gave it all back to me once I filled out some papers.  You can read about it HERE.  This thief also went to Wal-Mart with TEN's cards.  Yes.  Cards.  As in visa check, credit card, HSA card.  Everything.  They just had a big time.  Spent thousands.  So, he's been dealing with that all day.  I hate it for him because I know how it feels to have someone take something from you and use it with complete and total disregard for how much of your time will be spent trying to rectify the situation. 

My morning started off pretty crummy too.  Louis ate another pair of my shoes.  Actually, he ate the shoes I was supposed to wear with the outfit I'm wearing now.  I stayed at TEN's last night, so there wasn't really any other shoe option available.  I trashed the shoes and borrowed his flip flops.  The same ones that Louis ate Saturday night!  They are still wearable.  A little large for me, but wearable.

So, in a nutshell...My Weekend Was:

1 fabulous cocktail party
1 yummy meal at KFC
1 day of furniture shopping
1 night of relaxing on the couch
1 day at the vineyard with TEN
1 dinner with friends
1 stolen wallet
3 pairs of shoes eaten by the puppy

I think I want to head directly home after work, put on comfy clothes and order Chinese food.  Lots of it :)

Have a lovely evening!



MCW said...

Now I want KFC. I love it. But, I feel like I can only get it when in MD. I am sure the cooks at NYC ones are just not trained as well. Ha.

Jess said...

I just read this at work and my co-worker and I are now both craving some KFC...yum!!

So sorry to hear about TEN's wallet!! What a huge hassle...I've had my wallet stolen twice, so I feel for him.

Glad you had a good weekend, despite the shoes and the wallet!

BelleinBows said...

1. I love the tub in the first picture. Dream tub now!
2. I am very happy the days of chewed up shoes are over with.
3. KFC is amazing, although I haven't had it in years, you really have to try and restrain yourself.
4. How sweet is it that you and ten picnic, I love it :)
5. That is awful that someone stole his wallet, why do people think they can get away with things like that?

What a great post!

Jenny DB said...

OK red dresses are decidedly sexy!!! sorry about ten's wallet.. and the shoes.. it's a phase i'm sure! bondi had one too.. i like to think they just want to be close by our feet.. when we're not around. ha. give it a year or so ;-)

Blackeyed Susan said...

HAHA! I posted that link to the nasty kfc sandwich last night on my facebook, all of the guys seemed to be pumped but the girls who commented not so much!

Blackeyed Susan said...

HAHA! I posted that link to the nasty kfc sandwich last night on my facebook, all of the guys seemed to be pumped but the girls who commented not so much!

JKC said...

love the red tub pic! i wish i had been able to prod my friends into going to that party with me.

we should start a shoe graveyard :( i have the same problem at my house.

mrs.mfc said...

while we're on the subject of calories at kfc.... i checked on the calories for your beloved chicken pot pie from kfc- and that has 690 calories. just thought you should know ;)

Oh.. and a thing of potato wedges is 260 and one biscuit is 180.

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

What a weekend! I wish we had fun stuff like the Little Red Dress party around here. We have fun stuff going on all the time, but nothing that I can get all gussied up for. :( I like getting all prettified and girly sometimes.

It sounds like Louis was being a little devil this weekend. But at least he is feeling better!

Sorry to hear about TEN's wallet. Some people are just poor excuses for human beings. I hope everything with the bank goes ok and he gets his money back.