Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1 Love & 1 Hate

One of my faves Laurnie from Some Wine With Cheese has just given me a fabulous award!!  The I Love Your Creative Outlet award!! Thank you so much Laurnie :)

Now, ask me what I have to do for this award.  Ask me what the rules are.  Go ahead.  Ask.


Nothing to do.  No rules.  I just get the award.  How lovely is that??

AND...I have to share with you what Laurnie said about me on her blog (which you should go to HERE to read b/c there are other fabulous bloggers she has awarded and you can find them too and then you will have even more reading to do while at work....shhhhhhhhhhh...)

This is what she said:

"T @ Desperately Seeking Seersucker ~ I just wish she didnt live in smalltown, va and actually lived by me because we would so be friends. Even if she didnt want to be"

And we would be friends.  Because she's awesome :)  So go read her.  And follow her.  And maybe she will then follow you (if she doesn't already).  And then maybe the next time she does this you will get this award too.

You will have to excuse my snarkiness today.  I'm feeling very irritable.  And I'm going to share this quote with you.  It's my current gmail status.  Please feel free to use it when you have a snarky day as well :)

Don't hate me because you can't be me. Hate me because you cannot even compete.

See.  Told you I was feeling snarky :-o



DIMH said...

I feel like we would be friends too ;)

Lauren said...

Uh, LOVE that comment. We need to be friends on gchat too

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Hope you're feeling less snarky today, but love your comment here. :)

As for the photo, that's my hand, and my ring. I'm in love with it! I got it about a month ago at a trunk show. :)

Meg said...

LOL..Congrats on your award!

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

I am totally stealing that quote!