Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drinking Games From Around The World...Oh La La!

MK gave me the most clever gift for my birthday.  It is a little tin full of drinking games.  Not just regular drinking games, mind you...international drinking games. 

The two games we have decided we will play first are:

The Dreidel Game  (Popular in Israel)

Game pieces: a Dreidel, a cup

Basically, you place a cup in the center of a table.  Players take turn spinning the dreidel:

Then, they carry out the following actions:

SHIN = pour some of your drink into the center up
HAY = Half.  Drink half of what's in the cup
GIMEL = Drink all but one sip of what's in the cup
NUN = Do nothing

Continue playing until players are ready to move on to a different game of activity.

Secret Slip (Popular in Scotland)

Game Pieces: The Red Game Chip

Here, each player begins with a drink and they just "hang out" as they normally would when drinking socially.  One play, whoever suggested the game, begins as the holder of the red chip:

He/She waits until someone's guard is down and slips the chip into someone's drink.  The person then fishes out the chip and has to finish their drink.  They then become the holder of the chip, and the game continues.  However, rest assured that players who have had to finish a second drink should be exempt from further chip drops :)

And, if you are in doubt of which game to play, feel free to use the spinner to help you narrow it down:

As I said before...I received some of the most lovely gifts from my girlfriends. 

(i ADORE my necklace RHWOD..thank you!!)

(Barbie...you know me so well!)

My mother also sent me a HUGE box filled with birthday gifts.  She always does so very much for me, and I love everything dearly!!  She has spoiled me YET AGAIN with a fabulous pair of Chanel summer sunglasses:

She also called a local nursery and bought a rose bush for me to plant in my yard!!  I adore roses, and this bush of sorts that she has found is incredibly hardy.  I've always wanted to attempt roses, but I thought they were a bit testy.  I was sure they wouldn't survive under my watch.  BUT...this is a rose of a different name :)  It supposedly will flourish as long as I water it regularly.  I think I can handle that!  I can't wait to pick it up and plant it :)

My birthday has come and gone, and I'm completely okay with that.  I need at least another year to recoup :)  MK & BFF both have birthdays this Saturday, and I'm so excited to celebrate THEM!!  I've taken off this Friday to spend the day at the pool with BFF.  My club has completely re-done the pool this year (new chairs, umbrellas, etc) and I can't wait to spend a day enjoying it!

I hope the weather where you are is as lovely as it is in Smalltown, VA today :)  I think outside dining for lunch is in order!



Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Glad to see you had so much fun! Your presents are all so great. I've played the dreidel game before. :)

Beth Dunn said...

That is hysterical! I want to play international drinking games. xoxo

An American Girl in London said...

hahaha we played the dreidel game in elementary school, but we played with peanuts. the one jewish girl in our class would have her mom in every year to teach us about hannukah.

Jenny DB said...

haha international drinking games i love it. now i'm curious what the asian one is :) love that necklace, and happy birthday again sweets!!! glad you had fun :)

MCW said...

When you come to NY you have to bring those games...or I can take you to a bar and play flip cup and beer bong. Up to you. Ha.

Kim Reese said...

What fun gifts!!!

Little Ms Blogger said...

What a great gift for a gf of mine!

Thanks for sharing, she'll love it.

Anonymous said...

International drinking games sound fun! I love the top/dress you have on in the pictures -- very cute!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Is your mom adopting anytime soon?
Can I please borrow this dress, I'll promise to return it?
I have missed you, hope there's lot of sunshine in your life.
Mine is a bit messy right now, but will get better I know, so behind on my favorite blogs!

Jen said...

A drinking game?? Sign me up!!

And the new white Chanel sunglasses?? You lucky duck!! Hey, if you don't need them, I'll take them off your hands! ;-)