Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Girls

Last night I got together with four of my girlfriends.  I know we all feel, at some point, that our lives are like an episode of Sex & The City.  Last night was one of these moments for me. 

The four of us were gathered around a table catching up on everything that has taken place in the last few months.  And there has been A LOT that has taken place.  One of us just started a new job.  One of us was just laid off due to a downsizing.  One of us is planning a wedding.  And one of us is newly single (that would be moi).  Each of us are at such different places in our lives, but somehow relate so well to each other.  We talked for hours.  We listened.  We gave advice.  We laughed.  And then.... a guy from my past walked in and spoke.  And I had to fill the girls in.  Because he represents some of the crazy situations I get myself into.  And we had to laugh about that :)

None of us were aware of our surroundings...just of each other.  And at some point last night I realized that I am going to be okay no matter what happens.  Because I have my girls.  And I will always have my girls.  And just like they did before, they will cheer me on as I go on dates.  And they will laugh with me about how some of those dates turn out.  And they will be honest about their thoughts of "the new guy".  And when I fall they will catch me.  And when I stand tall they will smile with pride for me. 

I don't have a clue where I am supposed to be right now.  I can't fathom what it is that I am supposed to be doing.  All I know is that wherever I end up, and whatever I girls will be right there with me.  And THAT,  my friends, is EVERYTHING.

(thanks MK...another fabulous quote!)

MK also sent me HERE to read THIS today.  What an amazing girl.  I'm her newest follower :)



Ms. Emmy N said...

Hey! Just came across your blog, and I actually just wrote a blog very similar to this one a few weeks ago. I can defintely relate... there is nothing like a solid group of amazing girl friends :)

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Hey sweetheart, what a great post, I am so glad you've got such a wonderful support network of girlfriends, makes all the difference in the world! Going to check out your linky now. I can't see the little westies, boo!! Also, hope you got my email, I'm thinking about you xoxox

Kassie said...

aw, gave me the warm fuzzies. ::hug::

And p.s. I can't see the cute Westie thing you were talking about!

MCW said...

OMG...I am in love with that quote. It is so true. And I think maybe we end up with someone we didn't know we wanted but, who is perfect for us anyway.

MCW said...

PS - "You are what I never knew I always wanted " from Fools Rush In