Thursday, June 24, 2010



Yes, it's cheap.'s good :)  I ordered from e.l.f. this week and they have 50% off with the coupon code CAROLINA.  I saved $6.00 and that paid for my shipping.  Shazam.

Rolling Collapsible Cooler

Daisy has one of these.  It's basically the bomb.  Now I have one too!  This cooler:

combined with this beach chair:

will make my days at the beach sooooooo much more convenient :)  After all, the tagline for the cooler is "Less Schlep, More Slurp".  Hahaha....

Souper Meal

I know, I know...the sodium alone is enough to kill you.  I have this obsession with noodles.  Ramen.  Cup o' Noodles. Souper Meal.  Whatever.  I can't get enough.  I also don't feel bloated after eating them.  I'm full, but not so much that I want to crawl under my desk and have a nap post lunch time.  I just devoured one of the extra large containers.  Mmmmmmmm....

Waggin' Train Jerky Tenders

Without these little pieces of gold my experience as a pet owner would be oh so different!  I can basically get Louis to do ANYTHING with one of these in my hand.  I have researched this company (and product) extensively.  Yes, I know that in 2007 someone tried to say these treats were made in China and made a bunch of dogs sick.  NOT TRUE.  They are made in South Carolina.  The people that own the company are awesome.  And they will e-mail you back to answer your questions.  They all have dogs.  Their pictures with their dogs are on their website.  Wanna see?  Click HERE to read about them.  I'm a huge fan.  But, most is Louis.


If you ever spent any time riding horses you are undoubtedly familiar with Aquaphor by Eucerin.  To this day I cannot live without it.  I don't do much riding these days, but my hands never feel quite as good as they do when lathered up with Aquaphor.  I usually put it on in the morning as I'm leaving the house.  I don't put it on again until I go to sleep. 

I am a bit of a Lotion addict all around.  After I take a shower I cover myself from head to toe with Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring CoQ10 lotion.

Then to top it off, Burt's Bees Lip Balm. 

Wow, this probably makes me sound like an old lady but I don't care!  Spending a day at the beach, then coming home to shower and lube up with my favorite potions makes me giddy inside:)  Then, to slip into a comfy pair of linen pants with a cotton cami.  Heaven I tell you.  HEAVEN!

So these are a few of my necessities.  I don't quite recall what gave me inspiration for this post.  I think it was the Souper Meal.  I think it was the fact that I remarked to MK earlier "I cannot live without these noodles in my life".  And then I started thinking.....T, are you serious?  You cannot live without noodles?  What are some other ridiculous things you cannot live without? 

And there you have it!

I'm off to play Glow Ball this evening. My golf shoes are polished and my golf skirt is pressed.  I haven't a clue what I'm getting myself into, but I guarantee there will be some hysterical pictures to share tomorrow!



mrs.mfc said...

Hilarious random post. Love it. So I almost ordered some of that Gold Bond lotion when I was placing my flexible spending order the other day... and I didn't do it and now I already regret it. GAH. I guess the shit load of bath & body works products I bought the other day will keep my skin moisturized though, won't it?

Leah said...

Haha. I love this list!

MCW said...

I am so addicted to Burts Bees it is scary.

A Wedding Story said...

I love Aquaphor and Burt's Bees!

Unknown said...

I love aquaphor. Following you from Friday Follow. Follow me back when you get the chance @
I have a giveaway too :)

bevy said...

I have that beach chair and it is the best $25.00 at Walgreens I've ever spent!

lauren said...

Okay, I love the cooler! Must get! Only I'd prefer it in pink. And monogrammed.