Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekends Are My Hobby :)

Let's back it up a bit..... 

Thursday night was Glow Ball, but I didn't end up playing.  It was too hot and when I put on my little Bobby Jones golf skirt and short sleeved oxford I thought I was going to pass out.  So, off with that and into my madras sundress!! 

(H, KW & me)

They played 9 holes, and we were over it after about 3.  Sadly, we left before our friend CL flipped his golf cart.  Clearly that would have been picture worthy, but alas....

Friday night S and I were out and about, and she and Ruthie had a sleepover with Louis and I (see last post).

Saturday was the day of D and PTB's wedding!!!  A few people stopped by my house pre-wedding to talk hair and outfits.  Then, at 3:45 fourteen of my nearest and dearest arrived to ride up to the wedding in a van I had arranged.  The wedding was at a winery up in the mountains, and we all know that wine + driving + mountains = BAD DECISION.  So, the van picked us up and deposited us here:

It was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 degrees on Saturday in Smalltown, VA, but somehow that didn't really bother us.  Everything was so breathtaking, and there was a hum all around of nervous anticipation.  We couldn't wait to see D walk down the aisle with her dad:

And then they were married!  It was that quick.  Very sweet.  Very simple.  Very genuine.  I smiled a lot. 

(Mr. & Mrs. PTB)

(the girls!  i'm to the immediate left of the bride, D)

(MK and I)

As is always the case, it seems, near the end of the wedding Beyonce's "All The Single Ladies" began playing.  Let me take a moment to tell you....I abhor this song.  I abhor it because at the last 612,342 weddings I have been to they have played it.  If you played this at your wedding, please don't judge me.  Just trust me.  When you attend the number of weddings that I have it gets old.  Really old.  And I always try to lag back in a corner and not participate.  Even when I have a serious boyfriend as a date.  I don't want to catch the bouquet. 

Why? You may ask.  Well, I'll tell you.  I've caught 14 of them.  True fact.  And as many times my boyfriend has caught the garter.  And it means nothing.  And it isn't always that they didn't want to marry me.  Sometimes I didn't want to marry them.  It doesn't matter.  I just don't want to catch another bouquet as long as I live.

So, I tried to dodge the bullet.  But D starts yelling "T!  T!  Where is T?!?!" So, what's a girl to do? 

(yay!  i love this song and really want to catch the boquet....NOT.)

Well, this girl feigned excitement (as any good friend would) and kicked up her heels.  However, as the bouquet went flying I looked to my right as if I had heard/seen something.  Oops.  I missed the bouquet.

(please take a moment to observe Daisy's take on the whole tradition.  Thumbs DOWN.)

And although you may think it ended here.....

You would be wrong.  D came up to me and said "this is the best day of my life, and I don't want it to end.  We have to be out of here at 10pm, but lets all meet up downtown!".  And so we did.  And somehow at 2AM I was standing outside of a club, with all of my friends, telling a tranny that I liked his/her tattoo.  This is why it's best if I am tucked in bed by midnight my friends :)

Sunday morning, bright and early, we headed out on the lake.  I don't know why it didn't occur to me that resting may have been a wiser idea.  But alas....

Late last night, as I was finally falling asleep, I had some pretty amazing thoughts running through my head.  This is my life.  Full to the brim with friends, and laugher, and weddings and boat rides.  There is no time to be sad.  No time to be selfish.  There is so much to do!!  And I am thankful for that every day.  I wonder, sometimes, what it would be like to live someone else's life.  Someone who didn't have all that I do.  That thought scares me.  I don't want my life to change.  Not ever.  I don't want to let go of all of the wonderful things that fill my days. 

I've had a rough few months.  But no more so than many of you.  So many of you whose blogs I read have experienced as much, if not more, heartbreak than I.  And with that knowledge I can tell myself to get over it.  To stop dwelling on what was, and to look forward with excitement at what is to come!  To be honest with myself.  And also with him.  To just call it like I see it.

(stole this from Julie at Brown Eyed Bell because I loved it sooooo much!)

To quit focusing on this:

And to start focusing on this:

(thanks MK!)

And I believe that sometimes epiphanies just come to you, much like true love,  when you least expect them.



MCW said...

Thank god not a single on of my friends threw their bouquet! I did not have to suffer through that one...
What you said at the end is so true. I was thinking the same thing last night when a group of my friends were shoved in the back of a car and cracking up to the point where we could not breathe (we may have been hammered) and cannot even remember what was so funny! our lives to the fullest and being happy are the only things we can do. I think we are doing that pretty f-ing well!

love jenny xoxo said...

haha I totally did the "single ladies" thing at my wedding! Sorry! 14... that has to be some kind of record!

I wonder if Beyonce thought of that when she was releasing the song.

VA Gal said...

What a beautiful setting for a wedding!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Love you in the orange dress, with tan, sexy, sexy...........and I see we found our balance......I knew you would, not get going girl, lots of life out there!

Kassie said...

Gorgeous wedding! And I'm with you on the bouquet thing. I've caught too many of those things! I HATE when people push me up to try and catch it!

Sunshine and Summertime said...

thank you so very much for your sweet comment to me a few days ago about my job situation. Having bloggy friends sending encouraging thoughts my way really did help me feel better!

I loved looking at your pictures too! That wedding looked beautiful and fun! I hope you have a fantastic day.. And just like you said, sometimes love falls right into your lap when you are least expecting it!

Unknown said...

I love that winery, they make some pretty good wines! And I totally get the bouquet thing - I usually have to suddenly go to the restroom when they're about to throw it, haha.