Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

I don't know if "Thoughtful Thursday" is a real thing that anyone is doing, but if apologies for hijacking your verbage :)

I really just have about 10 things on my mind that I haven't shared, so I thought that Thursday would be a lovely day to get all of that out the way!

1.  First, I want to thank everyone for your kind comments regarding my scare on Monday evening in the forest.  I realize it was a silly thing for me to put myself (and my pup) in that situation.  However, when I got home I really felt quite ridiculous.  I guess because nothing ended up happening?  I thought "gee T, could you have overreacted any more???".  And I was a bit embarrassed.  But again...that's because nothing happened.  How many times in your life have you thought "if I had only done this..OR...not done that...everything would have been different"?  This didn't turn out like that, but perhaps that is because I ran?  Either way, I'm buying some pepper spray.  I'm going to hold off on buying a gun for the moment (kidding).  Or, perhaps a "holster" for my Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun would be comfortable for walking?

2.  Yoga Toes.  Do you have them?  Do you love them?  I do, and I do.  I had actually forgotten that I had a them until they came up in discussion last night.  I went home and wore mine for an hour.  My feet feel like heaven today.  Ahhhh..

3.  Zumba.  Have you heard of it?  Taken it?  I have.  I went to a class on  Tuesday night, and now I've signed up for the next 10 weeks.  I have never experienced anything like it.  Never.  It's like dancing with your girlfriends at the bar on a Saturday night....only not really.  Because I never break a sweat doing that :-o  I am in love with Zumba.  I hate exercise (I think I've mentioned this before?), but Zumba is somehow not really exercise.  My calves are screaming today.  My thighs are wailing.  AND I FEEL AMAZING!  I need to work on learning how to "shake" more.  As in shaking my rump, and shaking my chest.  Not that there is much of a chest to shake, but you get the idea....

Only, our instructor isn't trying to have us dance to this nice little song by Shakira that you see above.  No. She likes for us to dance a little bit faster.  And to work a little bit harder.  Our first song of the night was:

4. Yesterday afternoon I went to pick LW up from day care.  When I walked in the girl smiled and said "he's in the dryer.  again."  Which basically means that he was pooped on.  Again.  They have started to look at me a bit suspiciously.  I wonder if they think I tell him to get pooped on so that he can get a free bath?  Baths are regularly $20.  On some level I do believe they think it's a conspiracy.  But it isn't.  It really isn't.  I am always so embarrassed.  Really, I am.  I think LW just loves being in the dryer.  It's his favorite part.  They have trouble getting him out of it sometimes.

 I told Babbo Natale about LW's getting pooped on last night.  She looked appalled and said "OH.  How embarrassing."  See.  It is embarassing :(

5. BUNCO.  Have you played it?  Do you love it?  I have, and I do!  Last night was Bunco night.  We used to get together every month to play, but the summer had all us running in different directions.  This is another reason I'm so excited about Fall this year.  More time to visit with friends, and enjoy Bunco and cocktails :) 

(doesn't marilyn monroe take the most fabulous pictures?!?!?  she's so talented :)

Marilyn Monroe and I were the big winners last night.  Well...that's not exactly right.  I was the big winner.  Marilyn was the big loser.  BUT...when we play Bunco being the big loser also warrants a prize!! 

(aren't these the cutest?!?!  daisy mad them for both the big winner and big loser.)

(marilyn monroe and i with our prizes!)

6. Tonight I'm going to a Stella and Dot party. 

Can we say EXCITED!!  I've never been to one of their parties before.  I absolutely adore everything they sell, so clearly I am going to be applying for food stamps after this evening.  Oh well.  A girl has GOT TO accessorize.  Right?

7.  I was searching for a picture of an automatic dog dryer, and I came across this picture.  I'm pretty sure that it's preciousness doesn't need any explanation:

8.  I know we aren't nearly as cute, but here we are last night saying our prayers:

I asked Louis what he was thanking God for.  "thanking God?" he said  "oh, I was actually asking God for something".

Spoiled pup ;)



Deviled Megs said...

I actually walked into my apartment last night and turned Club Can't Handle me up way loud on my ipod and did an embarassing amount of "shaking" haha

how i met your father blog said...

yoga toes?? have never heard of them before, and am very intrigued!!

Anonymous said...

Louis is way too adorable! I feel your pain on the poop situation...although Holly always purposely rolled in it to hide from whatever poor animal she was stalking. It was a bit embarrassing when people would stop by and attempt to pet her.

Unknown said...

Yogo Toes-sound nice, must try!

Zumba-love it! Been in a super bad mood this week-think I will turn on some tunes and have my own personal Zumba class tonight and dance it out.

Molly is a big fan of rolling in poop and must be bathed at daycare as well. She goes to someone in our neighborhood for day care, so when she gets a bath for this, I usually pay for it because I would feel bad not doing it, but if it were at a doggie day care business I wouldn't care.

Love Bunco-my mom hosted a big bunco night earlier this week and had a great time.

I want some new bobbles from Stella & Dot-have fun at the party!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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mrs.mfc said...

Hi :) I'm making my rounds and trying to catch up (ha!) on blogs. While I already know these stories, I still had to come and read them anyway :)

Dee Stephens said...

I've seen that dog praying photo a ton throughout the years.
LW likes the dryer? Can't say that for Buddy. At least I don't think so.
Bunco - I've never played it but know a lot of neighborhoods who do. We don't live a a 'real' hood instead condo area so no one has started anything. Guess I could? As for Stella and Dot. One of my close friends here in town sells it and honestly. I'm kinda tired of hearing about it. Cute stuff but you can find cheaper pieces if you shop at the mall that look just as good.
Sorry.. my opinion.

Annie said...

Yogo toes - they look amazing. Never had heard of them before.

Ohhh I wanna try Zumba. Love things that don't make you feel like you're working out.

Have fun at your party tonight. Always a good excuse for a girls night!

DIMH said...

LOVE ZUMBA. I've gotten out of the habit of it, but it's great!

Jess said...

I want to do Zumba, but I don't know that I'm coordinated enough! Looks like so much fun though.

Didn't get the chance to comment on your post yesterday - but wanted to mention that I agree with everyone. You just have to trust your instinct. And, even if nothing was going to happen, I always think better safe than sorry. Being aware of your surroundings is an absolute must!!

Ashley said...

POOOPED ON? hahaha. I cant believe that happens. HE rolls in it, or a dog actually squats and poops on him? That is so funny, well not for you or him, but it is!
I used to take Zumba every Wednesday, and Loved it, but then I got hooked on Spinning. I think I will go back to zumba though as I get more pregnant. Our teacher is an absolute hoot and says the funniest things. She doesnt stick to the latin zumba songs and dances- she mixes in A HUGE Variety of music which I love!

MCW said...

Ok...I am going to have to try Zumba. I have been scared because I am not the most coordinated.
And I have that S&D cuff and love it! We can be bracelet twins since we already have the KS one the same. ha

Jenny DB said...

Oooh BUNCO i've never played before. I SO Want to though :-) i don't even know how, but i'm sure i'd be good at it :-) haha

Love the florider song. listening to it on repeat in the office. getting some looks hahah

also, that dog bed, minus the leopard, is pretty cool. one of my new projects at work is coming up with a new product line of dog beds and accessories. LOVE! i have an empty website and right now we sell just basic dog beds... but i have some fun stuff in the works. love seeing inspiration like this :-)

Jenny DB said...

also, forgot to mention, i have seen that praying pic before. actually, bondi knows how to 'say his prayers' - i;m in the process of teaching homie and once i do.. i will take a pic and create a meme called confession sundays :-) not that people ACTUALLY BLOG on sundays but maybe now that summer is over, anyway, still deciding if my first confession is (1) i shave less than 2x/month (2) i never ACTUALLY wash my face or own any 'skin care' products or (3) I am always much nicer in comments on peoples blogs than i think i would be IRL.. "omg your hair cut is sooo cute" or whatever... hmm.. will have to think on this one :-) what would yours be? :)

Lauren Keene said...

I am so intrigued by those Yoga Toes! My feet are totally weird, and they always hurt at the end of the day -- maybe those would help get my wonky little toes to go where they're supposed to, LOL! :)

Carole said...

I've never heard of Yoga toes; I'll have to investigate them.

RE Louis, poor thing--imagine the humiliation of being pooped on frequently. said...

Your blog is a fun mix of lots of good things. Thanks for visiting, so I could do the same.
PS What a cute, spoiled pup!

Carol said...

Just followed and thanks for the Stella and Dot intro. A girl just can't have enough accessories. And where did you get your yoga toes?!!! I want some.