Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shhhh....Secret Sale!

This is the e-mail that just arrived in my inbox.  "Shhh...Secret Sale!"

So, clearly that means I need to share it with all of you...right? 

Yes, I thought so :)

Gather round....this offer expires tonight at midnight!! is offering 50% off of select 2011 calendars, AND....FREE SHIPPING on orders over $15.  What a great deal!  Calendars also make great gifts, and fabulous giveaways (wink, wink). 

To see which calendars are on sale, click HERE.  Be sure to realize there are bunches on sale.  I got confused and thought there were just 14 on sale, but then realized those 14 were just the "cover calendars" for that genre.  So click through!

I have decided to purchase the following:

Happy Shopping!!



Leslie said...

Thanks for passing this along! I snagged one for my office and two more to give as gifts. Excellent!

Pink Champagne said...

I was actually looking at the exact same Mademoiselle calendar the other day! (Then in a moment of weakness, I bought the Kate Spade calendar...) Cute picks!

Ann said...

aw I want the westie one

The Bee Charmer said...

You know, I have corgis. And the problem that I have with the corgi calendar is that all the other corgis are so UGLY when compared to my corgis. Do you find that Louis is prettier than all the other Westies?