Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I wanted to post a little note about my tattoo rant yesterday. Here's the thing...TEN already has tattoos. 4 of them to be exact. They are in places that aren't really visible when he's dressed, and he came with them. I accept that. Whatever. I'm just not really excited about #5. I think 4 is enough. Actually...I think 4 is too many.

My father never had a tattoo. My uncles and cousins never had tattoos. I guess I was raised around men who didn't have them, and therefore they aren't really my thing. Actually, on MDC I listed them under "turnoffs". Oopsies!

I do, however, have many friends that have tattoos. I don't look at these guys and think "blech, you are tacky looking with those tattoos". It just doesn't bother me in the least on my friends. My person, however, is another story.

I think my biggest fear is that he will keep getting them. AND THEN...one day I will wake up next to a piece of art rather than a man :(



Anonymous said...

haha, I'm pretty sure you could stop it before you woke up to that!

I hope it isn't too horrible when you see it!

Unknown said...

Long time lurker here. I always say if the man could have been the inspiration for "The Illustrated Man" we won't be a good match.

DSS said...

Hi Constance! I am soooo with you on that. He arrives home tomorrow at 10:30. I'm shaking in my shoes, but fingers cross it isn't atrocious :(