Friday, February 12, 2010

No More Reindeer Games

We have a new database at work. 

I am responsible for loading all of my info into it. 

It's taking FOREVER. 

I haven't had a second at work to blog (shhhhhh...), and when I get home the last thing I want to do is turn on the computer. 

I have bunches of fun pictures to share, and I went out for happy hour with some friends last night.  Just what I needed :) 

Don't even get me started on the state of the kitchen when I returned home though!  Egads!  I left Louis out of his crate and put up the baby gates.  Poor little guy hasn't been able to go to day care because it's been closed due to the weather.  I felt it was only fair for him to have play time in the kitchen while I had cocktails.  BIG MISTAKE.  This is what I arrived home to last night:

(the paper is a combination of a "piddle pad" i left him in case he had to potty, and the plans for the bar TEN is building for me)

(this would be the lower part of my "reindeer bells" from christmas.  i left them hanging on the side door so that louis can "ring" them when he needs to go out to potty.  grrr.....)

On a brighter note....TEN and I have a lovely Valentine's weekend planned, and I am very much looking forward to it. 

More on Monday....pinky swear!



Josie said...

Now THAT'S funny!! BOL! I can totally relate to the "too busy at work too blog" comment!!! What a mess you came home too. Jeez! Was there any piddle on the pad??? Well at least it's TGIF, right? Here's to more happy hours! Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine's Day! Much LOVE! Woof soon.

Yelena said...

awww..what a mess! :)
have a fabulous valentines day weekend!! :)

MCW said...

Oh Louis...I would have died walking in after a few drinks!!!

Jenny DB said...

mwahaha can't tell you how many tmes i came home to this, until i got smart and learned to NOT leave the garbage out, and then bondi got smarter and learned how to pull the toilet paper, and then i shut the bathroom door, and then he discovered shoes, and then i shut the closet door, and then he discovered roommates shoes, etc. etc. and then at some point he turned like a year or so.. and no more problemos. but i bet you can't help but smile a lil.. and i can just imagine you saying LOU-IIISSS!!! (probably the full name I don't remember)

anyway, happy friday loveyy

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

Oh my dear little Louis - you have quite a temper when mommy leaves you home and goes out with friends! Your pal Derby has done many of the same things - distroying piddle pads, pulling the bedding out of his crate, unrolling t.t. paper (I know you think it's good leg exercise)... and the list could go on and on.

Please let your mommy know that she's not to worry - all this will pass when you get older. One day it will just 'click' not to do this stuff. Then mommy will forget all this and get you a playmate. You will be the big brother then and just sit back and laugh and say ... I remember when ...

Mrs. Mama said...

what a mess! how frustrating too