Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Short List

1. Monday night I watched The Bachelor Wrap Up, or whatever it's called.  I don't watch the show, but a girlfriend came over and we watched it together.  Let me need to watch the show every week.  Just watch the train wreck that is the Tell All and you're golden.  FINAL THOUGHTS:  Vienna is a man.  Jake is gay.  They will end up together, and live happily ever after.

2.  I was convinced there was a rodent living in my feather bed.  I went to go to bed Monday night, and felt this huge hard lump of something (but not soft feathers) in my bed.  I stripped the bed, pulled off the sheets, and flipped over the feather bed.  I mushed all around and identified something that was surely a squirrel or rat or something.  I wanted to cut open my feather bed to investigate, but TEN wasn't there and I was scared.  I took the feather bed off of the bed, and then built a barricade around it.  I brought Louis up for a sniff, but he wasn't impressed.  FINAL THOUGHTS:  I want to vomit at the idea of there being a rodent in my bed for the last 5 years, and me not knowing.  Hardly slept a wink.

3.  Louis played with the "big kids" (read: not tea cup size) at day care yesterday.  He had a wonderful time, but definitely was not used to being the smallest in his group and fell asleep the minute I placed him in his booster seat.  FINAL THOUGHTS:  Perhaps the tea cups are a better match?

4.  Babbo Natale and I went on a power walk yesterday after work.  It was glorious.  I haven't exercised in something like 40 years, and it was needed.  Now, if only it would be warm and spring like every day.  I might stick with it!  FINAL THOUGHTS: Cellulite had better check itself!  Game on.

5.  When Babbo Natale and I got back from our walk TEN was at my house.  The three of us trapsed upstairs to investigate the proposed rodent in the feather bed.  Turns out it wasn't a rodent.  Just a matted up bunch of feathers, that for some reason I hadn't noticed in the last 5 years???  FINAL THOUGHTS:  I'm still not 100% sure it isn't a rodent, but it's on TEN's side of the bed so he can deal with it.

6.  TEN's uncle from Phoenix is in town.  We are going to dinner with him tonight.  TEN's mother is driving in from Big City, VA too!  It's 3:20pm and we don't have a reservation anywhere.  I have felt compelled (since yesterday) to remedy this.  To make a reservation.  To pick a restaurant.  BUT, then I realized...I can't do this for him.  So, I'm going home after work to change into a cute little "meet the fam" outfit.  I hope it all works out :)  FINAL THOUGHTS:  None.



Wendy said...

Re: Bachelor. Jake is so boring I want to punch him in the face. Vienna is such an ugly man-girl I want to punch HER in the face! The Bachelor clearly makes me v. violent.

In other news, I like how Rozlyn is a complete and total nutjob. I have to say, I'm more inclined to think that she is lying, than say, all 20 of the other girls and the production staff.

Anyway! I loves to hate that show.

MCW said...

Cracking up thinking that you were sleeping on a rodent. I think it may have smelled funny or moved when you investigated.
Have fun with the family!

Andy - Instafather said...

I do Bachelor recaps (on a different blog) and sometimes I want to shoot myself with how ridiculous and staged it is... Vienna clearly is a Slutty McSlut, Tenley has more baggage than an airport and Jake talks to them like he's on Oprah sharing his emotions.

Jenny DB said...

Way to restrain yourself on making those reservations. Good choice. I couldn't have been so strong!! damn type a. :)