Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Presents for Puppy!

I have to take a moment to tell you about my lovely blog friend Katie!  She and her beautiful westies, Julep & Derby, sent Louis and I a little care package.  It was so very kind of her, and she's been such a GREAT help to me.  Katie knows so much about westies, and I know zilch!  Well, I'm learning...but you know :) 

Anyway, have a peek at Julep & Derby HERE at their blog.  Aren't they just the most beautiful westies you have ever seen?  Louis is very jealous of their coats, and is angry with me for the fact that his is not as lovely.  I am, of course, learning as quickly as I can.  Soon enough little Louis.  Soon enough.

Here is a picture of Louis playing with a new toy:

And, here is a little video.  Of course I was talking (and I absolutely HATE my voice.  I never realized that until I started listening to these videos.  Boooo...)  Louis will not relinquish this little red ball.  No matter what treats he is offered!  He even takes it to bed.  Silly pup!

Puppy kisses to J&D!



Wendy said...

I have to say, Louis is pretty presh... but I'm in LOOVE with your rug! So pretty!

Emily said...

Louis is just too cute! He's definitely in love with his new red ball!

Jenny DB said...

You have a cute voice, and a cuter puppy!! :)

Jenny DB said...

You have a cute voice, and a cuter puppy!! :)

Diana Chiew said...

Louis is such a cutie! Yes, we have seen Julep and Derby. They are such beautiful Westies. Aunty Diana has fallen in love with Westies...hahaha...She wished she could have one. But don't think she could as she already have the three of us!