Monday, March 15, 2010

THE Dog Cookbook

(I googled for a picture of "homemade dog treats" and this is what I found.  Obviously not at all what I was looking for, but presh all the same:)

TEN and I went to the movies for date night on Saturday night.  Between dinner and the movie we had about an hour and a half.  What better way to waste time than at Barnes & Noble?  We researched possible vacation destinations.  We looked at dog books.  And Then.  I found it.  THE dog cookbook :) 

I've been doing bunches of reading and such about meat by-products and wheat and corn in dog food.  Not good stuff.  So, I'm now spending a ton of money on good food for Louis. That's okay.  He's worth it.  The things is though, what about treats?  They are loaded with not so good stuff.  I have found a few that are good for him, but they are also expensive.  Like freeze dried liver (vom).  Apparently dogs love this, but it's expensive.  Especially when you are still in the final stages of potty training.

Enter THE dog cookbook. 

I bought a bunch of cute little cookie cutters.  The size of dog treats you buy in the store.  I mixed up a batch of all natural yumminess (ie, grilled chicken, celery, rice, chicken broth, oregano, etc) into a dough.  Rolled out the dough and TEN cut out bunches of treats for Louis. 

I baked them for 35 minutes at 350 degrees.  Then, they dried for 3 hours.  Totally simple.  Totally cheap.  Totally healthy. 

After the treats were finished, and "Louis Taste Approved" I snapped my finger, stuck out my hip and proclaimed "I'm sassy".  Don't you just love it when you try something new and it works?  Even better when it saves you money :)


***If you have a pup and want the recipe, e-mail me at desperatelyseekingseersucker{at}gmail{dot}com.  I've purchased ingredients for two other treat recipes.  I'm going to make those tomorrow night.***


undomestic mama said...

Please share the name of the cookbook! I'm going through the same thing with my dog - he's allergic to the "crap" they put in the food.

Jenny DB said...

Love that you did this for L. Honestly, I WISH Mr. B could have processed buy at the store kind of dog food. Sadly, he can't. which means i cook for bondi. every. freakin. day. lunch he's currently eating, potatos and cottage cheese. he'll prbly get chicken for dinner. it is exhausting!!!!

so i see you and TEN are spending more time on more louis-based activities? tsk tsk ;-)

The Redhead and her Pooch Lola said...

hehe thanks for making me smile after this long Monday with that picture!

mrs.mfc said...

I can't wait for hefner to try out some of your homemade treats!! He is weird about crunchy treats sometimes.. but I'm thinking he'll like something homemade with love ;)