Monday, March 29, 2010


What do we think about this new show, Justified?  I'm undecided.

"JUSTIFIED is the story of Deputy U.S. Marshal RAYLAN GIVENS (Timothy Olyphant), a true-blue hero and something of a throwback, given to wearing a Stetson and cowboy boots, carrying his sidearm in a hip holster – a weapon he only draws when he has to, and when he does, he shoots to kill, because, as he sees it, that’s the purpose of a gun.

Raylan was born and reared in the hill country of eastern Kentucky. It was in Harlan where he played ball, chased girls and dug coal. And it was from Harlan, at age 19, that he ran, determined to become a U.S. Marshal. Now, years later, after shooting a gun thug in a Miami hotel and thereby incurring the wrath of his Marshals Service superiors, Raylan has been sent in punishment (and by fate?) to the one place to which he vowed he would never return – Kentucky.....

.....But, being back in Kentucky, Raylan will also have to confront a past crowded with enough skeletons to choke a graveyard. There’s his old friend and fellow coal-miner, now fugitive bank-robber, BOYD CROWDER (Walton Goggins - The Shield). There’s AVA CROWDER (Joelle Carter - Monk, CSI: Miami), the cheerleader from his youth he always had a crush on. There’s ex-wife WINONA (Natalie Zea - Hung, Dirty Sexy Money). And, looming largest of all in Raylan’s past, there’s his career criminal father ARLO (Raymond Barry - Cold Case, Training Day)."

I think I like it.  But that girl...the one who shot her husband in the first expisode...Ava.  Yea, that one.  She bugs me.  She's a little bit on the trashy side, if you get my drift, and I have a feeling the Marshall is going to end up with her. 

The thing is....I kindove want to know if that happens.  Or, if it doesn't.

So I think I'm hooked.  Tuesday's at 10 on FX.



Jenny DB said...

so now its 2 down 1 to go.. still need to hear about the plastic surgeon!

Wendy said...

I have a may-jah crush on Timothy Olyphant. He is yummy!