Monday, March 29, 2010

Smart Puppy

When TEN and I came back from our Gatlinburg vacation, I forgot to share a story about Louis.

The woman at doggie day care (which is also where I boarded him) took my Visa, settled my bill, and then said:

"Louis is a very smart puppy". 

I beamed, of course, and said "yes, he is isn't he?"  Because he is my baby, and I do know he is the smartest and best westie in the world.  (To those of you bloggy friends who have westies, you know this is just "mom-speak" of course!).

The conversation ensued as follows:

Woman:  Oh yes, he really is.
T:   (huge smile, grin, wink at puppy is THE BEST!)
Woman:  He figured out how to let himself out of his suite.  So, we moved him to a loft.  But...he figured out how to get himself out of that as well.  So, we put him in a room by himself and barricaded the door shut.
T: (jaw hits floor.  bright red face.)  Oh.  Well.  Gosh.  I'm.  Sorry.  I.  Well.  He doesn't do that at home.  I'm sorry. 
Woman:  Oh, it's fine.  We just haven't ever had to do that before.  Here, let's walk over to the larger dog section because that's where Louis is right now.  I've bathed him, and he's in the dryer.
T:  Excuse me?  In the dryer? (apparently there are "pet dryers" that I am not aware of)

TEN and I wait patiently to pick up the most clever pup in the world, apparently.

Woman:  Well, his rear is still wet because he had himself turned so that the air would blow directly into his face.  Apparently he likes that.

Yes, apparently.  Apparently my puppy is very clever and very much likes to have the wind from the dryer blown into his face.

Perhaps I shouldn't have blamed the cleaning lady for letting him run lose in the house that time?  Perhaps I DID close the latch all of the way that one time when I came downstairs in the morning and LW was running around the house?  Hmmmm....



undomestic mama said...

That's so funny! Louis IS one smart puppy :)

MCW said...

This made me crack up...

Jenny DB said...

aaah, so funny. Her saying smart is like a euphemism for pain in the ass. oh well, i'd take a smart (pain in the ass for doggie day care but not for you) pup over a dummy any day. And You DO have a smart pup :-) xoxoxox

Blackeyed Susan said...

HAHAHA your little conniving pooch :) :) Too cute!