Monday, March 15, 2010



I'm here.  Yes, right here :) 

I've just been over there for a bit, and then back over here, and then over there again.  I've been blogging in my head (do you ever do that??) for about a week, but haven't been able to slow down long enough to actually put the words down. 

I believe another "short list" is the only way to get all caught up.  I will have to have a follow-up post, or two, but just to get myself back on track I'll break out the numbers....

T's Short List

1.  I watched the movie Bottle Shock.  Seersucker review coming soon!

2.  I watched Shutter Island.  Seersucker review coming soon!

3.  Made homemade dog food/dog treats...another post for this, because I've gone all Martha Stewart on dog food.  Don't ask me to baste a turkey, but I'll make you some home made doggie treats any time :)

4.  I went to DC for two days for work.  No play time really, just lots of work meetings. 

5.  It took me 6 hours to drive home.  I started at 5pm.  I was stuck in traffic most of the trip back, and got really stressed, and then couldn't sleep because I was beyond tired.  Hence my "31 hours and counting" post.  I'm happy to report that I'm all caught up on sleep at this point!

6. Thursday night was the membership drive for one of the organizations I'm a member of.  MK is the Membership Chair for the organization, so she planned the entire event!!  It was fabulous :)

7.  I was off on Friday, and headed out of town for a bachelorette weekend.  We went to Wintergreen.  Have you ever been?  We had a great time, but didn't do any skiing.  We visited the spa (yes, I had ANOTHER massage), danced a little bit, and had a few cocktails!  Lovely weekend.

8.  I began craving a KFC chicken pot pie on the drive home from Wintergreen.  I became obsessed.  Barbie was in the car with me, and she too became obsessed.  When TEN called I told him we needed pot pies STAT.  He agreed.  So, we headed to KFC as soon as I got home.  When we got there....Barbie was in the drive through.  Best pot pie EVER.

9.  TEN is house hunting.  I'm pretty sure he found "the one" yesterday.  It's awesome.  Just perfect.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed the sellers accept his offer, and that the inspection goes well :)

10.  I finally saw Where The Wild Things Are.  Seersucker review coming soon!

It appears, as I'm looking at my notes (yes, I've been jotting down notes on what has been going on so I cam update my blog.  yes, i'm a cheese ball.  duly noted.), that Louis needs his own "short list" today.  He is a very busy puppy, and although some of you probably couldn't care less what the little guy is up to...some of you do.  So, here is LW's "short list"...

LW's Short List

1.  Last Sunday Louis had a play date with Daisy's three dogs.  Post play date...little white puppy = little grey puppy.  A very happy little grey puppy :)

2.  Went to TEN's house last Monday morning.  Had a rather boring day in the crate, but then had great fun playing Monday night.  Tuesday was another boring day in the crate until TEN took Louis to the vet.

3.  Louis has a UTI, and is also apparently dehydrated.  I almost crashed my car when TEN called to tell me.  There is ALWAYS water out for Louis.  How did he get dehydrated?  He's on an antibiotic for 14 days, and we are force feeding him water.

4.  I gave Louis a hair cut.  Here's the thing.  He needs to be hand stripped.  BUT...there is no one who can do this any closer than 2.5 hours away.  That's fine.  I'll drive 2.5 hours.  BUT...Louis' hair is still not grown out on his back from the buzz cut he received.  So, I thought I would trim the other areas until his back hair catches up.  Hmmmm....yes, well then.  It was an experience.  I have a fabulous book called Westies from Head to Tail, thanks to my dear friend Katie from Westie Julep.  I followed the directions.  I'm sure I did everything correctly.  Only....the book didn't instruct what I was to do if my westie was very squirmy and didn't sit still.  The result was a somewhat trimmed up westie.  TEN says he looks much better.  However, as he runs through the house I see long wisps of hair on his tail that have escaped the scissors.  Let's just say it's a work in progress.....

5.  Friday morning I took Louis to TEN's office.  Louis LOVES to play with all of the nice people at TEN's office, and they spoil him terribly.  There are golf balls in TEN's office, and Louis likes to carry them around and deposit them in other people's offices.  Silly pup!  Louis stayed with TEN over the weekend while I was at Wintergreen. 

6.  Saturday was the St. Patrick's Day Festival in Smalltown, VA.  TEN took Louis out and about to see all of the festivities.  Apparently it was a little much for Louis.  Little people were trying to pet him, and the bagpipes were playing, and there were bands of some such kind and all.  Anyway, TEN had to take Louis home and put him to bed because he was thoroughly exhausted and having none of it, thank you very much. 

7.  Saturday night, while TEN went out with friends, Louis was left out of his crate for the evening.  Unless TEN is fibbing, Louis didn't make a mess at all!!  This is very exciting news :)  My goal, eventually, is to have Louis live in the house and not in the crate at all.  Well, I'll probably always keep the crate, but I don't like to lock him in it when I go to work, bed, etc.  Hopefully he will have full run of the house at some point.  This will make him very happy I know :)

8.  I left for work this morning before TEN.  I put Louis in his crate.  TEN reported that when I left Louis started howling, and that it was very sad.  This hurts my heart.  I want the puppy to have a little nap while I'm gone, and I want him to know I am coming back to him shortly.  The fact that he cried so much tells me that he is still very scared to be left alone.  I wonder what my building's policy is on bringing your pets to work?  Hmmmmm.....

Here's to the longest "short list" ever!  Pictures and Seerucker Movie Reviews coming soon....



MCW said...

I like how the updates on your life are short and sweet and Louis's are paragraphs long!

That pot pie looks so freaking good.

So impressed that Ten is investing in property! Most 10 year olds I know are still buying Natty Bo.

Jenny DB said...

OK OK so you clearly LOVE Mister Louis. I can relate. this post makes me smile. And yah for mister 10 house hunting!! I wish i was ready for that!!

Jess said...

The fact that you did a short list for yourself and for Louis is the reason why you are one of my favourite bloggers!!