Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Louis' New Friend!

Imagine our surprise when we arrived home from our vacation to find a package for Louis!!  We quickly unwrapped the package, and the most amazing Easter "friend" tumbled out :) 

Isn't Louis the luckiest pup ever?  Julep, Derby & Katie from Westie Julep sent little Louis an Easter prize!!!  It's a precious lil duck that squeaks :)'s bigger than Louis!!!

Let me just tell you....they have become fast friends!

TEN was being silly and put the duck in Louis' crate, but  Louis was NOT PLEASED.  I believe he really does think that duck is alive!

So, now Louis and his new buddy Ducky cuddle at night in front of the TV.  Every now and again when Ducky acts up Louis will bite one of the duck's "paws" and the duck will protest with a squeak :) 

Video to come!

Katie, Julep & Derby...thank you ever so much for Louis' new friend Ducky!!!  You are so very kind to us :)


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Emily Kathleen said...

Omg Louis is just too adorable! It looks like he's having such fun with his new duck friend! I can't wait to see videos!