Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And Then There Were None...

Remember the fireman? We learned about him HERE (he's Match #4). Well...apparently he's a real estate agent. WHAT?!?!? you ask. That's okay....I asked the same thing. Apparently he dresses up in fireman outfits for fun? OR...perhaps he figures that if he is on site when someone's house burns down, he will have first dibbs for selling them a new one? I'm not sure.

However, the lesson to be learned here my friends is to READ SOMEONE'S PROFILE CAREFULLY! Had I followed this little lesson, I would have noticed the following immediately:

"I like animals, but the horses and cows are not allowed in the TV room. They block the tv and eat my popcorn."

Huh? What horses and cows?

"favorite things:
Being affectionate and slow wet passionate kisses with the right women! "


I can't even bring myself to tell you about the other "people" in my inbox. One guy professes that he is so well known in Smalltown, VA that he can't really go anywhere without being noticed. Funny thing is...I've never seen him before. Or, heard of him for that matter! Overinflated ego anyone?

The other guy....he's 50.

So, for the first time in.....EVER....my MDC inbox is empty. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Kindove relieved. Kindove sad. Maybe it's time for me to start the search?? My girlfriend Efficient With Glasses (EWG) informed me that I was really missing the boat with this MDC thing. She says that letting THEM contact ME is fine, but certainly not the only way MDC works. She says that I need to do a search, and I need to start winking like a wild woman. I know my friend Daisy has done this, so maybe EWG is on to something??

Step #1...I take a gander at those who have "viewed my profile". Perhaps that's where all the good ones are?? Perhaps they just aren't winking/e-mailing me? Ummmm....no. The first guy has one picture. He's driving his little Toyota truck, with his kitty cat on his lap. He's clutching her like she's attempting to escape from said Toyota truck. (I don't blame her!). He professes that he loves Wal-mart. The End. I don't think we need to read any more from this pile.

Step #2....I'm going to check out my Daily 5. I know, I know...it's a joke. Let's just give it the ol' college try though...shall we? Well...I don't know a lot about football, but I'm pretty sure my first Daily 5 match isn't making a lot of sense here: "I'm a big Redskins fan, go Tarheels". Isn't that two different teams? Aren't the Redskins in Washington? AND....the Tarheels....I'm pretty sure that's UNC? My second Daily 5 match is hot. Pure and simple truth my friends. He's hot. He's blunt, and a bit witty, and I've checked the YES button. The down side is...he lives in NC somewhere. Oh well...if he's interested he can drive up here:) My third Daily 5 match is pretty cute too! He sounds trés intellectual, which I kindove find sexy. I checked the YES button for him as well, but he also lives in NC. Seeing a trend here? Perhaps DSS needs to move to NC eh? My fourth Daily 5 doesn't have a picture. NEXT! Oh. Wait. My Daily 5 only has 4 people. Now that can't be a good thing. A sign perhaps? Hmmmm....

Step #3....I'm doing a search. I'm just going to go for it friends. Why take things one step at a time? I say just jump in with both feet. I'm taking control of this little experiment and I'm going to see what's what. STOP. The search. It wasn't very productive. I got through 3 pages. They were worse than the matches in my inbox. I'm taking a break for today.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better?



Melia said...

OH goodness! It is NOT a good sign that your top five only has four!! That is pretty funny though. I wish I had good advice for you.

(actually, i have given you my advice and it doesn't seem that you are listening. could be fun...)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was Halloween? If not, it is really odd that a grown man was wearing a FF costume -- haha.

If you're going to search on your own I suggest (from experience) to add a year or two to your max age and take one or two away from your min age. Also, don't always let their "profile" photo make you say no -- but if you do click they will know :) Good luck!

DSS said...

Perfectly Pleasant...OMG. You are right! I can see that they looked at me, so they can see that I've looked at them. Oopsies! Not sure why I didn't think about that? This should be interesting:)

Okay, so tomorrow I'm going to do another search, and I will take your advice. Until then....


MCW said...

I almost always delete guys on match who email me 1st. They are tend to be the strangest. Start searching! and make your criteria really specific. You can always expand if you need to...
The few guys on match who I have liked have always been ones I contacted...Good luck!

Wendy said...

Haha I click the "NO" button so often in my Daily Five that sometimes it's just the "Daily One" for me!

I kind of like the "Mutual Matches" search. I also got a lot of new views once I started adding the Match Words to my profile. Not that I'm a great success, but yeah. Haha. :)

Jess said...

So, did you find out why he was dressed in a fireman outfit? Because, now I am just really curious!!? Love all your stories though. There must be at least one good guy on there...who's not 50, not a fake fireman, lives close to you, doesn't describe himself as liking Walmart..keep the faith :)

Kate said...

The "fireman" sounded so great. Too bad!

DSS said...

Wendy - Seriously? How do you find out about all this stuff? Where is "mutual matches" AND....did you get your profile re-done? I am going to post this on your blog to be sure you see it :)

Jess - No explanation. I'm not giving up though. Someone in Smalltown, VA MUST know him, and his story. The funniest is that my girlfriend Efficient With Glasses found him and forwarded him to me to wink at. WRONG :)