Monday, April 20, 2009

So I Met a Guy....But He Doesn't Count

He's TEN. Well, not technically TEN...but basically. Friday night I had a lovely time, and had the full intention of going home directly after the get together I attended. A good friend was having a birthday party on Saturday, with lots of sun and fun involved, and I didn't want to be hung over. Oops!

While mingling with friends Friday night, the guy that invited me to the club (and insisted on the fact that Mr. Seersucker could be found there) brings up a guy to introduce me to. He was absolutely adorable, but obviously quite young. We struck up a conversation and I start giving him relationship advice (hysterical coming from me...I know!). Anyway we chatted for most of the evening, and then a group of us headed downtown for more drinks.

We ran into more friends who had been at another party, and what was supposed to be a subdued night turned into quite the opposite. Sometime during the evening TEN and I apparently had a photo shoot. I didn't realize this until I woke up the next morning and looked at my camera. The pictures were hysterical, and were TEN not TEN I would definitely like him in a boyfriend/girlfriend kind of way. As he is TEN...I'm making it my goal to find a lovely young girl for him to date because he really is something :)



Wendy said...

Haha, welcome to Cougartown, T! :)

I spent part of yesterday watching "17 Again" hating myself for finding Zac Efron so attractive. Bad bad bad.

Ashley said...

wait, so you call him TEN because He was young, right? Or because he was a perfect ten? :) SO your friend knew ten and introduced him this night, right?