Monday, April 6, 2009

I meant to call you...but then I got busy.....

I forgot to mention that while I was in Delaware I received a call from Lehrer. I screened the call, and waited 48 hours to listen to the voice mail. Part of me wondered if he had found my blog. I secretly hoped he had :)

I hadn't heard from him since our date at the Mexican restaurant. You know, the one where he proceeded to take my hand captive and attempt to rub it all over his face? still makes me shudder. Anyway, I was thinking that perhaps somehow he had stumbled across my blog and realized I wasn't interested and that would save me from another "break up" phone call. No such luck!

Lehrer calls Friday afternoon and states that he meant to call me, but got busy. This statement sent me into a fit of giggles, and I had to rewind the message because I was laughing so hard I missed part of it. I wonder what he got busy doing? Playing his online peanuckle games, and studying WWII and math or something??? hahahahaha....that still makes me laugh.

Of course I don't like Lehrer in the least....but....what if I did? I'm assuming he thinks I like him, or he wouldn't be calling. Right? I'm here to tell you that if I did like him, and he waited a full week to call me after our date, I would no longer like him. That's terrible :( If you really like someone you call them to tell them you had a lovely time and would like to get together again.

Anyway, he then proceeds to ask me out for that night. It was 5:00 when he called, and he's asking me out for that night?!??!?! He says that his German friend is in town, and wouldn't I love to come out with them and show them a good time? It might be fun, he says. Whatever.

I didn't return the call, and don't plan to. I am going to hope he doesn't call again. I'm going to wish upon the stars every night that he doesn't call again. But, if he does...I'm going to tell him the truth. I'm going to try to help him understand where he went so terribly wrong. I have absolutely no idea how it will go over, because I really think he is under the impression that he is the bee's knees, but I'm going to do it. It will be my good deed for the year :)



**Liz** said...

I have decided that Lehrer is a bubble face. I have no idea what it means, nor why I thought of it.

It is late. He is a Bubble Face.
and an Asshat.

DSS said...

delizcious - I LOVE IT! I will from here on out refer to an official loser by calling him a Bubble Face OR an Asshat :)