Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Ladies Man

I was hoping today's matches might provide a bit more promising than yesterday's. Granted I'm only on my lunch break, so there is still hope for the afternoon crowd, but....

I have one new match. Let me just tell you about him. He is wearing a do rag in his picture, and has the following tag line:

"looking for the woman with the Heart of Gold and that don't mind sharing it ! "

Oh lordy. Why is it that these people just don't have any grammar skills? Do you think they really speak this way in real life? Or, do they just write that way?

He has another picture posted. It's of a very large house with a fancy boat in the front that is right on the water. I'm guessing we are to believe this is his house? Along with the fact that he has a college education and makes $150,000+. Now, as a side note...I do not fill in my income. I have a very good salary, but someone doesn't need to know that to date me. I don't need to know theirs either. Those things come with time. But, this guy is spewing double negatives left and right and is raking in $150K+ with his Bachelor's Degree and living the high life?

Here's another clue that perhaps things aren't as they appear:

"Ethnicity: I was raised by my grandmother"

"About me: well, let me start by saying that I am probably the one that your Moma has warned you about for so long..I am a real ladies man"

I don't have a "Moma". The only MOMA I know of is the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. I do, however, have a mother. AND...my mother has never warned me about ladies men. She didn't need to. I usually see right through them, and consider them tacky and poorly mannered. What she did warn me of was people with poor grammar skills. It usually means they have terrible table manners, and most likely will embarrass you throughout your relationship. Ooohhh...that was snarky wasn't it? Oh well. It's true.

Here's the thing. I almost kindove want to go out with The Ladies Man so that I will have a fabulous story to tell you about. Is that awful? That I want to go out with people to have funny stories? Geezzz...that makes my life sound so boring :(

On a positive note...it's wine club night. Yippee! MK has just told us on her blog what wine she is bringing for us to taste. I'm really excited to try it, and to hear what our guest wine expert has to teach us!

I'm still debating on whether or not I'll wink back at The Ladies Man. It could be good for a laugh?



Melia said...

Hahaha! First off, my favorite line in this post is:

"What she did warn me of was people with poor grammar skills"

I think he may have the wrong idea of what ethnicity means. Or is "raised by my grandmother" a new race I don't know about?

Although it would make for a rather funny story, I don't think you should wink at the ladies man.

Jess said...

Is it wrong that I actually want you to go out with him for the sheer entertainment factor. And, I'm with Melia...I never realized that raised by my grandmother was a race either. The things I've learned from blogging...