Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Six-Alarm Fire Anyone?

Let's jump right in then, shall we?
Match #1
His "tag line" reads:

"only thoes who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go. T.S. Elliott"

So, do we really think that T.S. Elliott was quoted saying "thoes"? I wasn't sure, so I googled it. Turns out ol' T.S. knows how to spell. Match #1, on the other hand, doesn't. For those of you who may not know me well....this is a problem. However, we've all been know to misspell something before, right? Perhaps not on our MDC profile, but whatever. I kept reading, and probably shouldn't have:

"I an outgoing and friendly person but sometimes shy.I have a little bit of a smart ass mouth and I can be blunt at times but I mean well and I'm not tring to hurt any one. I would love to find someone who is out going and enjoys life, some one who tells my how they are feeling and does not make my try to guess whats going on with them. If your upset with me let me know at the time not two months later."

Bless his little heart. If he was dating me, and I was mad....I can assure you he would know it. He wouldn't need to wait 2 months. I wonder if that's what happened with his last relationship? Must be. Why else would you list that in your profile? Thanks for the wink, but I don't think we are a match. NEXT.

Match #2
Geeezzzz...this must be the month for repeat offenders! This story is a bit different than The Bang Flipper, but still....just as funny. Do you remember Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III? If not, you can read about him HERE and HERE. One of my girlfriends thought Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III sounded like a great catch, and couldn't understand what was SO WRONG with his face. I asked her if she wanted me to give him her e-mail. She said sure. So, I did. I did this in my "sorry, I don't think we are going to work out" e-mail, thinking that it would soften the blow a bit. He never responded. He also never e-mailed my girlfriend. I'm pretty sure that was a good thing for her :)

Fast forward to today when I find him sitting in my MDC inbox. What in the world? Well, guess what! He now wants to e-mail said girlfriend, and would like to know if he could have her e-mail address again. WHAT?!??! That was like TWO MONTHS AGO. She is so in a relationship with a great guy now, and so not interested in meeting Nathaniel Alexander Sinclair III.

What gives? Do guys really think there are that many great girls out there that they can just sit around for 2 months, and then consider e-mailing them? Uggggh! So, I replied to him and told him, nicely of course, that said girlfriend was in a great relationship now and would not be interested in hearing from him. I also wished him the best of luck in his search, and said goodbye. Good riddance!

(Isn't this THE BEST pic for No Repeat Offenders? It cracks me up!)

Match #3
I'm not sure what to make of this one. His stats are good, but he opens with the following:

"About me: far from perfect. Who I’m looking for: perfect."

That's a bit annoying, wouldn't you say? Then, he's sent an e-mail:

"I know I have seen you here before, but I don't know why I haven't written to you before now. I can definately relate to much of what you have to say in your profile, and I apprerciate a well-spoken woman with a nice smile! I would like to know more..."

Well, that's nice enough. He's divorced, but no kids. He's only 5'10", which is a major downer, and will probably end up being the deciding factor. His pictures are......well....hard to judge, I'd say. In 2 he looks lovely. In 2 he looks OK. In one he looks like a full on redneck with a HUGE tattoo on his chest, no shirt, wearing khakis and boots and tilting his head back while (I believe) shotgunning a beer? He used to be a construction worker. He's now gone back to school and earned his masters, and is doing something medical. I just don't know. He's obviously very smart....well, then again from some things he says I'm under the impression that he earned that medical degree in the Caribbean. That's never a good sign. Hmph. I don't know. Let me think on this one.

(This is my NEW question mark! Isn't it precious? Thanks MK!)

Match #4
Okay, so he didn't graduate from college. AND....he doesn't make much money. BUT...he's a fireman for heaven's sake! AND...he's 6'0". That counts for something, right? He's also a few years older than me AND...has never been married.

Here's the deal. Again. Conflicting pictures. He's posted about 20 of them. In about six of them I want to do nothing but look at him, and smile at him, and date him and....... you get the point. In the rest he appears to be varying ages from THE HOT SIX to OLD. So, if he can look that old in some pics he can't look like the hot guy, right? Or, maybe that's his dad? I'm being completely serious here people. It just doesn't add up! In one pic he's at the firehouse wearing his little fireproof pants and boots, or whatever, with those yellow suspenders that hold those pants up. He has on a red t-shirt, and he looks absolutely adorable! Next picture....sitting in a rocking chair of sorts with a beer gut and grey hair. Same person? You tell me.

Here is his e-mail:

"Check out my profile and let me know if you would like to start a converstation."

Well, that's short and to the point isn't it? Hmmmmm.....I wonder if this is another case of The Bang Flipper not posting all current pictures? Is it awful to reply to his e-mail saying "Pardon me. I'm just wondering...which of your pictures do you most currently resemble?". Seriously. Is that bad? Because it will be a deal breaker if he's the grey haired guy with the beer gut. BUT....if he's the hot fireman with dark brown hair, a flat belly, big brown eyes, etc......I want to meet him for drinks.

Advice Please,


****Disclaimer - I am so tired right now that my head is about to fall on my keyboard. Please excuse any poor grammar, misspellings, etc. I almost didn't post this tonight b/c I suspect it is riddled with horrible errors, but I'm doing it anyway. This whole MDC thing can be tiresome :(


Melia said...

All the mistakes in match #1's profile made me cringe. The firefighter sounds like it could be interesting! It does seem strange that his pictures could look so different! Hmmm. #3... sounds fishy. #2 should know better!!

Overall, this batch could have some potential!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...I look forward to following yours...

Jess said...

I really, really like firemen. At the very least, you have to go out with him once, just to make sure. And, yeah…that’s kind of shallow of me. But really?! What if he does turn out to be really, really hot. And a fireman? Imagine the possibilities!

Wendy said...

Dude you have to check out the fireman. Did you know that they get, like, 90% of their salary after they retire AND full benefits? That is nothing to sneeze at m'dear.

Match must have intro'd a new feature "see all the ppl who rejected you" because I'm getting a lot of repeats lately as well. Strange...

Wendy said...

Haha I just re-read my comment. Retirement? Really, Wendy? Oh lord.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't wait to read more from your blog. One of my best friends and I decided to do MDC together and oh the stories we have! Although, I did meet The Boyfriend there... so they aren't all bad :)