Monday, April 13, 2009

Bacon and Big Wheels: Happy Easter!

Easter has fast become one of my favorite holidays. This is because I spend it with my friends in Smalltown, VA. Not that I don't love the fam...don't get me wrong...but it's just sooooo convenient and relaxing to celebrate here, with friends :)

Every year a bunch of us get together for brunch at a local restaurant. My girlfriend Barbie is the best organizer ever, and starts rounding up the group a few weeks before the big day. Barbie and I share a great love for bacon, and last year bacon was not served at our brunch. We complained, of course, but arrived to find that again it was not being served! When our server came to the table we inquired as to why the best bacon ever (Applewood Smoked Bacon) was not being served again this year? Our server didn't know, but said she would check to see what the situation was. 10 minutes later our server arrived at our table with a HUGE plate of bacon for us!!! You have no idea how excited we were. Wasn't that lovely of her? I was so touched that I left her a $10 tip. Because seriously....that was some good service!

We usually have brunch about 11:30, and then head downtown. What is there to do downtown on Easter Sunday you ask? Well, in Smalltown, VA we have the most fabulous Easter tradition. It has to do with adults on big wheels racing round and round down the parking garage exit ramp. People dress is crazy costumes, mount their big wheels and take off. It is quite honestly the funniest thing I have seen. Ever. (see picture below) I would like to say congratulations to Mr. Barbie for winning the Big Wheel Race for the second year running. Cheers to grown-ups who still like to have fun!


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