Monday, April 6, 2009

Ba Humbug!

Hello friends! I'm back. I went to Delaware to visit one of my best girlfriends, and had a splendid time :) Lots of shopping and eating and laughing. No while I was away, and I've yet to log in for today. Quite frankly, I'm not sure I will do that today. Or this week. I'm in a terrible mood, and I like to attempt to be open minded and positive when I read my messages and such.

Isn't it always hard to have a lovely out of town visit, and then to come back to something not so nice? My job is the not so nice of which I speak. I've been with this company for 4 years. I've been a stellar performer, and have always been told I'm doing a good job. The person over my department is an idiot. Everyone knows it. Recently, the idiot brought 2 more people on board to my department...and conveniently inserted one of them between he and I on the organizational chart. So, I now report to her. She then reports to him. She drives me nuts, and isn't having much success in her role when it comes to selling. I think she resents that I am. That's all that makes sense. She just forwarded me my evaluation and it's terrible. Basically, I am an awful employee according to her. Hmmmm....very interesting.

I'm not opposed to constructive criticism. I never have been. None of us are perfect. We all need coaching and goals. I'm fine with that. However, this is is something entirely different. I also found out from my co-worker in London that the idiot was asking questions about me while over there recently. Even more interesting.

I've never been a paranoid person, but something is going on. I haven't done a bit of work today, as I've been stewing all morning. I think I want to quit my job. I know that probably sounds ridiculous in the current economy, but I think that is the best option for me right now. I will not allow myself to be beaten down by someone for no reason. Life is hard enough. I don't need some person (or persons) who aren't successful telling me I'm a crappy employee because I am. The thought of quitting makes me very sad because I have truly LOVED working for this company. I have loved what this company stands for. I have loved the vision of the company, and the company values. However, the idiot and my new boss are intolerable and I can't seem to make them like me.

An example of how ridiculous the idiot is - the year before last at Christmas he had a party for the department at his house. He wanted us to have superlatives for the team. Yep. That's what I said. in high school. I won best dressed. Who cares, right? It was a stupid idea to begin with, and no one really cared. EXCEPT FOR HIM. He has continued to bring this up for the last year, and has said to other people within our department that he spends lots of money on his clothes and can't understand how he didn't even get one vote. It's stupid stuff like this that causes him to hold grudges against me.'s getting out of control. He is now asking other department members about me. What do I say about him? What do I think about this and that? He even wrote on my last evaluation that I need to be friendly with everyone in the office...not just the people I like. WHAT?!?!?! It's not like I am mean to anyone.'s not like I really socialize with work people outside of work. I think he just has an issue with me and it isn't going to go away.

When the idiot hired two new people for our department he promised an increase in sales as a result. This makes sense, right? Well, one of the people he hired (my equivalent) was a good friend of his. She can't sell anything. I'm not sure why...but she's failing miserably. She's a really nice person, and I do hope she has success soon. The funny thing is...I had to give her some of my clients when she came on board. They were pretty good clients, but she's having trouble even selling to them. Hmmmmm....

So, I'm the only person selling anything right now. I ended the quarter at 97% of quota. Not great. Not 100%. the current economy this is considered really quite good. I expected a good eval because of this. WRONG.

I have enough money saved up to live for quite a while unemployed. I don't particularly want to be unemployed for a long time, but right now I think it beats the alternative. Am I crazy? Or, is my mental health worth more than feeling like a puppy who has been backed into a corner, told it was bad and beaten with a stick?



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UGHHH I'M SOOO MAD TOOOO!!!! More problems with the f*@%ing visa!! I am starting to get really pissed.