Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was just catching up on my blog reading for the day, and I found something that made my stomach turn. My friend Living Under the Big Star wrote a post that opened my eyes to something so cruel, so terrible, that I almost cried while sitting at my desk in the office. I knew it happened years ago, but I wasn't aware it was still going on.

Have you ever seen a Baby Harp Seal? They are precious. I have held one in my arms. They snuggle. Like little babies and puppies do. They are defenseless. They don't understand that people want to hurt them. They are curious little babies, and actually come up to you to see what strange new creature has entered their world. Imagine their surprise when they are clubbed to death. People are killing them, and only with our help with this senseless brutality stop. Please go HERE to send a letter expressing your support for this cause. AND...please go HERE to sign a petition. It seriously takes ONE MINUTE OF YOUR TIME.

Thank you :)



Melia said...

okay, i went back and did it. sorry for the delay.

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