Monday, March 30, 2009


Friday I definitely had 1 too many martinis. I deserved them, but didn't so much enjoy the headache that greeted me when I awoke Saturday morning :(

A bunch of my girlfriends flocked to the great happy hour that Efficient With Glasses found for us downtown. $2 martinis, $2 glasses of wine....are you serious? It was great! Well, mostly great. I had invited some of our guy friends to join us, but told them they wouldn't get the great happy hour specials. They were okay with that. Thinking, of course, that they could pay full price and still socialize with us. WRONG. The particular bar where this fabulous happy hour was taking place has two floors. The great drink specials were upstairs, and there was a "guard" at the bottom of the stairs assuring that NO MEN passed through. WHAT?!?!? You got it. The guys had to stay downstairs. I felt terrible, as I had spread the word that this was 'the place to be'. Thank goodness the guys forgave me :)

I was most excited to be out gossiping with my girlfriends that night though, as I have a new crush. Well, I'm not sure crush is the right word. I met him once. The next day he facebook friended me. We haven't communicated since, but I "discovered" his facebook page the other day and think I find him interesting. I texted a mutual friend of ours asking for the 411 on my new crush, but didn't hear anything back. I was a little stressed until I ran into this mutual friend Saturday night and got the low down.

More on that in Saturday's belated post!


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