Monday, March 9, 2009

My Inbox....Take 2

On to the next one....

Match #4
Well, this is kindove a repeat. I described this match to you earlier in this post. He winked, I he's e-mailed. As I explained earlier...sending the first e-mail is usually quite difficult. Some people are pretty good at coming up with witty, clever things to say. Some aren't. Doesn't mean they aren't witty & clever, just a little awkward when it comes to writing that first e-mail. I completely understand :)

So, Match #4 (AKA Match #1 in previous e-mail) sends a brief e-mail saying hi, and that he would love to chat. I'm going to e-mail him back as soon as I finish this post. Looks like I'm in the hot seat now, and have to come up with something witty & clever to say. Hmmmm....

Match #5
Now this match is definitely what I'm looking for!!! Yay. I'm very excited :) He's 6'0", a teacher/professor with a Graduate degree, he's been to Europe numerous times (yay! me too!), he lives right in Smalltown, VA, he's never been married...AND...he's a few years older than me. Wow! He sounds too good to be true! He's also "not sure" about kids. Me too! Yay. Okay, he's e-mailed me and said that he's viewed my profile and thinks that we have a lot in common. I'LL SAY! Alrighty then...I'm off to e-mail him.

Not too bad for a Monday! I've winked back at one match, and am sending off e-mails to two. So nice to see this day turning around. It started off rather poorly, as I bit my tongue severely at lunch. I had to ask MK to look at it to see whether or not I needed stitches. She said she wasn't sure! It was the worst "tongue bite" she had ever seen, and I was gushing blood from the wound :( I called my family physician and was instructed to apply direct pressure for 15 minutes, and then to ice the wound. It had finally stopped bleeding, but is quite sore. Boo hiss! Thank heavens this day is looking up!


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Kate said...

I am likg #5... ;)