Friday, March 20, 2009

Leave it to Me to Miss The Call!

Lehrer called last night....AND I MISSED HIS CALL!

WIMP stopped by the office yesterday and suggested drinks after work. A few more friends decided to join us, and drinks turned into dinner. We were just chatting away and it was pretty late when I left. I checked my cell and saw that I had a missed call from a number I didn't recognize. Lehrer left a charming message, but it was too late to call him back :(

Tonight I've got a 3 year old's birthday party to attend, but how long can that last? It starts at 6pm, so I'm thinking I will have time to return his call this evening. Can't wait to share the details.

On another note, it looks like my friend and I are finally going to meet. You know, the gentleman that found my blog and called me out on it? We have been corresponding, and have decided that meeting for a drink or something would most likely be enjoyable. We both have very busy schedules, but I'm definitely going to clear some time to meet him because he seems quite interesting!

The sun is out, I'm leaving work early for a reflexology session and I have two very interesting gentlemen to meet in the near future. Wahoo! Life is good.

Have a lovely weekend friends!


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