Monday, March 30, 2009

My Car is Just As Tired As I Am

Sunday was a bummer. It started out pretty okay, but that didn't last. A friend just moved. Went for a visit. Saw the new house. Visited with the kids. Blah, blah....heading home to relax for the afternoon. Maybe read a book? Stop by Walgreens to pick up some beauty products and stuff. Blah, blah.


My car doesn't start. Stranded in the Walgreens parking lot. Booooo! I call around asking friends what their opinion is on the culprit of my immobility. It could be the battery. It could be the starter. OR...could it be that my car is just as tired of dating as I am? Perhaps my car has decided to quit, so that I have an excuse to do so? This is seriously what I'm thinking while pacing in the Walgreens parking lot. I'm over it. I'm done. I don't want to date anymore. EVER. Pity party for T was in full swing when the nicest lady strolls over and says "hi, do you need a jump?"

I tell the nice lady that I haven't a clue what I need. I'm still on my cell phone, and can't seem to get off the phone. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm nutso, but asks if I have jumper cables. I tell her I do, but I don't exactly know how to use them. She does. I'm trying to end the call with my friend who wants a play by play of the dead battery action, and I finally hang up on her. By this time the lady has my jumper cables attached to our respective cars and is telling me to start my car. I start it and she unhooks the cables and hops in her car saying "have a nice afternoon". Okay, what? I'm still standing there, holding my jumper cables, feeling like a full on idiot. Why was this so easy for her? Why don't I know how to do this? I'll tell you why. I've always had some man to do it for me. Perhaps I need to remedy that. Because seriously.....if I had a flat tire I would probably just lock myself in my car until help came. I wouldn't even know where to begin :(

I am advised to purchase a new battery at Advance Auto. I do so. While the nice man is putting the new battery in my car he proceeds to tell me I need new tires. Mine are somewhat dry rotted. WHAT?!?!? How does this happen to me? How can I not know this stuff? I always thought that video they showed you in Driver's Ed was ridiculous. You know...the one where they tell you to walk around you car, and to kick your tires, and to check to make sure your blinkers are working. Who does that? Not this girl. Apparently I need to start.

I went directly home after having the new battery installed and proceeded to take the rest of the day off. From Life. I turned my cell phone ringer off and vegged on the couch feeling sorry for myself. Do I need to keep dating so that I can find a man to help me with all of this car stuff that I apparently don't know? there a class I can take on how to take care of yourself when you are a single woman? You know, how to know your battery needs to be replaced. How to jump your car when said battery dies. How to know that your tires are dry rotted and could potentially explode in the near future. How to change a tire. Let me know, because I will sign up ASAP!

Here's hoping Monday is better than Sunday.


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An American Girl in London said...

I bet you can enroll in a class at University of Smalltown, VA in intro to auto or something. Learn everything you need to know! on the plus side, you might meet some cute boys! Or, if they don't have should totally start the course! I'd sign up!