Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (a day late)

Yesterday was quite a busy day for this online dater. I work in the financial industry, so one might think things were slow and terrible and depressing at the moment. Not so much! My business is full on. I am a training consultant, so that helps to explain it perhaps, but I'm finding very little time to blog while at work. (Oops! Did I say that?)

I also had a doctor's appointment yesterday. It was an elective appointment, as I chose to have IPL done on my face. You can read about what IPL is here if you are interested. Basically, I grew up in THE SOUTH and was always in the sun. I'm already starting to see the results of the damage to my skin from the sun, so I had this procedure done. It wasn't really painful per se, although it did feel like someone was snapping rubber bands all over my face. One pinch after the other. After the procedure was done (maybe 2-3 minutes) there was no pain, which makes it all okay :)

As my skin rejuvenates, it pushes the sun damage up and out. Therefore, I currently look like someone marked all over my face with a Sharpie. It only lasts for a few days, but I surely am not trying to be seen by anyone I know in the meantime. This meant, sadly, that I sat at the house last night and drank non-green beer by myself.

I had quite the lovely St. Patrick's Day celebration to tell you the truth. I finally put all of my pictures from London in an album. I e-mailed my matches back with thoughtful e-mails (I gave Lehrer my phone number at his request...woohoo). I perused the internet for new living room and dining room rugs. AND....I watched RHWoNYC. Ouch! Those women are testy!

All in all, a rather productive St. Patrick's Day for me:) No responses from my matches yet, but I will most definitely keep you posted!


P.S. I want this shirt for next year:

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