Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Can Call Me Back If You Want To

Lehrer calls me Tuesday night. I missed the call, and didn't check the voice mail until Wednesday morning. That's never a good sign :( Anyway, when I did check the message he was just calling to say hi. He told me that I could call him back if I wanted to. (Well thanks! I appreciate you letting me know that.)

I decided that I would call him after work on Wednesday, but before I met my friend for the first time :) I would tell him I had somewhere to be, so that would limit the amount of time we were on the phone. He isn't a very good phone talker. He has lots of pauses, and it makes me sleepy. Also, he has this really, really, really strong northern accent that kindove gives me a headache.

I called Lehrer back on my way home from work on Wednesday and he was on the other line. He asked if he could call me back in a bit. I said that I actually had plans, so he had about 10 minutes in which to catch me. He called me back in about 45 seconds. That's a good sign:)

Lehrer wants to chat. I tell him I'm not much of a phone talker. Actually, I hate talking on the phone. I do it all day, and tend to shut my phone off when I get home. I cut to the chase "So, do you still want to get together tomorrow night?". He says he does. I say "Great. What do you want to do." Because really...he needs to take charge here. If I am going to have to open my own doors and such, he can be the planner. Well...guess what...he asks if I like Mexican (which I love), and then proceeds to suggest a Mexican restaurant that is right near his house. ON THE COMPLETE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN FROM ME! Geezzzz. His parents surely didn't teach him any manners did they? AND...I do believe that this is most certainly why the guy is still single. Whatever. I'm driving to the other side of town for dinner tonight. With Lehrer. I forewarned him that I LOVE MEXICAN, and that I will eat two baskets of chips on my own and also a Speedy Gonzales. I told him that I was NOT the type of girl that eats 3 bites of a salad because she is in front of a man. He laughed and thought that was funny. I was being serious. And what the heck? If he's going to be tacky, I will be too. This could be fun!

I reported the results of this call to my girlfriend Daisey, and she was equally appalled. She suggested I call Lehrer this afternoon to tell him that I had been held up at work. She then suggested I should tell him to drive his arse over to my side of town to make it easier for me to get there on time. I'm not going to do that, and I will tell you why. It's simple really. When I decide that I no longer want to go out with Lehrer I will have many, many tidbits in my basket of reasons to share with him. I will tell him that he is very nice, but that I am looking for a gentleman and that he really isn't one. I will smile sweetly, twist my hair and look at my shoe while telling him this. I will make him understand that it isn't his fault. It's just that I am from THE SOUTH, and manners are very important to me. I will also find a way to suggest that on future dates he treat a lady like a lady, and then he might have better success.


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