Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All's Quiet on the Western Front

Lehrer hasn't called me yet. We went out last Thursday, and it's now Tuesday. Of course, he knew I had weekend plans, but every time my phone rings I stress thinking it might be him. So far. So good.

Is it possible that he DID realize that he isn't my cup of tea? Is is possible that someone in his life told him that the whole "rubbing the hand on the face thing" was probably a "showstopper"? I sure hope so. Somehow, however, I can't allow myself to believe I'm off the hook that easily.

I know that I don't really have "relationships" with these guys, so why is it that I feel like I'm breaking up with them constantly? I stress for days, then practice what I'm going to tell them, then come up with replies to the questions that I'm pretty sure they will ask ....like "why". Afterwards I retire to the bed with a cocktail. It's rough I'm telling you! It's like I break up with someone every other day. Does anyone else experience this? Or do I just care too much?

(disclaimer - I look NOTHING like this tired little pup. I just thought he was the cutest damn thing I'd ever seen, and I can relate to his exhaustion :)

Avoiding the phone,



**Liz** said...

Wow you post a lot.

Is it sad that I make up conversations in my head when I have to have a phone conversation with people? It just helps. So I totally understand you rationale.

Wendy said...

If it were me, the sheer act of writing this post would have sent enough energy through the universe for him to call me. Haha. Hopefully he won't! Though I think you'd be OK to just not call him back if he did. :)