Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Inbox....Take 3!

Well, I'm getting sleepy...so I'm going to go ahead and tell you about the next two as quickly as I can. I feel this pressure to get everything down because I'm heading to DC tomorrow for work and won't be back until Friday night! Of course I will attempt to sneak a blog or two in while I'm there, but one never knows if that is wise!

Match #6
hahahahahahahahaha....Sorry! I'm just so tickled I can barely contain myself. PLEASE read what he says:

"I am NOT looking for anything serious right off. I just need someone to talk to and possibly hang out with from time to time. I am not looking for someone who wants to meet or hang out with my kids until we get to know each other VERY WELL. I don't need anther mother for my kids right now.

What I like to do...
Recently seperated father of 3. like camping, watching movies and sometimes just laying around (when my kids allow it)

My hot spots...
I love the mountains. my kids love the beach.

A few of my favorite things...
Mexican food, loud music, reading, any show related to crime scene investigation"

hahahahahahahahaha...see there I go again. This has to be a joke. Right? AS IF ANYONE WANTS TO BE A MOTHER TO HIS KIDS. Seriously. And, that he can't spell separated? What gives? I wish I had the audacity to send him an e-mail that says:

"Dear _____, The fact that you have to pay a monthly fee to find someone to talk to and to possibly hang out with from time to time tells me that you are a complete loser. Don't you have friends? Match.com is for people who want relationships. Also, you need to realize that if someone is hit in the head with a rock and for some reason decides to date/marry you, you are lucky. The fact that they decide to take on your kids makes them really special. Don't ever assume that anyone WANTS to do this. They simply accept your kids, and grow to love them, because they have to. Get over yourself. T"

However, I won't do that because that would be nasty :) I will simply click on the "x" next to this silly person's name and be done with him. POOF! Goodbye Match #6.

Match #7
WOWSERS! Me likie! I so wish I could post his picture because he is a cutie pie. Hmmm...let's see. Who does he look like? Well, I just don't know. He's just cute and that's all you need to know.

His Bio...
He's 6'0", lives 2 hours away (booo), never been married, the same age as me....oh who cares! He's just lovely. Sounds rather perfect actually. Here, I'll post his bio. I really shouldn't, but I will. Shhhh......

"So here goes.... I'm an intelligent, witty, driven man. I have diverse interests, and I put a lot of effort into each and every pursuit. I love to run and work out to stay in shape, and I ran three 5Ks this fall. I am career-oriented, with two college degrees and strong desire for success. I also have a love of music. I play the drums, and I jam with some friends once a week or so. It is great fun and the perfect release from a stressful day at work. I am also fascinated by current events and politics, and I love to learn about the world around me (be it technology, history, nature). I love to go out and hit the town, and hang out with friends at a restaurant or bar on the weekends. I like to hear a good band, live music is much more appealing to me. However, nothing compares to a stimulating conversation with an attractive, intelligent lady over a plate of pasta. Enjoying the outdoors, whether it be hiking, camping, exploring, or biking is also a passion of mine. I believe that getting out of town and into the fresh air and quiet of nature restores the soul and rejuvenates the spirit. I like to travel, and the best trips I've ever taken were the ones in which I was accompanied by a special someone. Sharing the experience makes it that much more exciting. Finally, I hold to my conservative yet progressive values of honor, honesty, trust, and respect for others. I believe that good manners and a polite disposition are an integral component of success in life, and that open and honest communication and mutual respect are the keys to a successful relationship.I love to go out with the guys and hit the town, but part of my maturing process has been an increasing attraction to intelligence and sharp wit, as opposed to the more superficial attractions that have motivated many of my prior relationships. Don't get me wrong, the physical attraction is very important... a good-looking woman is an unrecreatable artform. But there also has to be a certain independence and sense of self-worth that is more substantial than that achieved by the apparent appreciation of physical assets by the opposite sex... I'm looking for that intelligent, attractive, witty, and well-balanced woman who knows what she wants... but has patience and understanding, and the capacity to care deeply. I'd also like someone with whom I could build a partnership in life with... someone who would be just as comfortable discussing politics as she would be running in the park or swimming in the ocean. Let's see what happens... "

It's a bit of a run on paragraph, but other than that...... :) <---read big cheesy grin. I don't know what to do. I guess I'll wink back. I'd rather write him a note. Hmmm...perhaps I will.

Rather successful run out of 7 matches wouldn't you say? Two matches are a yes and one is an "i don't know..maybe??". Not too shabby! Okay, I'm off to wink e-mail and whatever else. I can't..........ooooooooohhhhhhhhh wait! We haven't given Match #7 a name. Bullocks! I just don't know what to call him. Perhaps I should go out with him before I give him a name? I don't just want to call him something non-meaningful because he deserves better than that. Okay, we will just have to wait a bit to decide.

Have a wonderful rest of the week friends. Toodles!



Melia said...

Ohhh that one sounds good! I hope you have emailed him.

DSS said...

i wussed out and winked :(

Kait said...

winked? booooo.

I am leading the charge for a full email my friend - I expect a report tomorrow.