Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hidey Hey!

Not sure why I titled this post hidey hey, other than the fact that saying that makes me smile for some strange reason :)

Okay, updates on what is going on. I know things have been a bit sporadic, but I'm hosting an engagement party for MK and her fiance this weekend and I've been quite busy getting everything ready. I would tell you all of the fun things we've been working on...but MK reads my blog and I don't want her to know about it yet!!

My inbox has been very neglected, and correspondence on my part has been terribly delayed. I have not even replied to any of my matches that wrote me back on Monday. Isn't that terribly rude of me? Yes, it is. I know :( I really want to write back to them, but have only just now logged in and guess what.....I have an event to attend in 20 minutes! Arrrrrghhhh! The thing is...I don't want to just write back some totally lame, non-thought out response. I want to peruse their bios again, think of some interesting questions, etc. That might sound like an excuse, but it's legit. Pinky swear.

So, in a nutshell.....this is a wasted post because I have nothing new to share. Many of my nearest and dearest have e-mailed to say "date this weekend? what's the latest with your matches?". Sorry girls. I've been negligent, and therefore have no dates scheduled. I am going to work VERY HARD to change that, and hopefully will have some time tomorrow during work (shhhhhhh........) to get caught up.

Okay, there is a new match who has winked at me. He lives far, far away and is really old. What gives with the influx of Father Abrahams these days? Perhaps I need to re-adjust my age requirements? Nah. Nobody seems to read those anyway. I will just press the little "x" next to him and say goodbye.

****Side Note - I have not even checked my Daily 5 in a week. I was seriously so disappointed in what suggested for me that I have decided I will only have a peek at these if I need a really good laugh :)

Until tomorrow....


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