Monday, March 16, 2009

Side Note..

I've labeled this a side note because it has absolutely nothing to do with dating on I do, however, feel compelled to share a few randoms with you.

First, MK's engagement party was Saturday night and it was a HUGE success! The weather was a bit icky, but inside the house there was a festive atmosphere that rivaled any I've experienced before. Isn't it lovely when friends and family come together to celebrate a special couple that they adore? I think so.

I made a collage of pictures of MK her and fiance from waaaaayyyy back in the day up to present time (they've been together for almost 10 years, so that's a lot of pictures). My girlfriend Where Is My Purse? (further referred to as WIMP) brought an easel she had at the house and we displayed the collage for all of the party guests to enjoy. Also, because MK adores all things Tuscan in nature, we attempted to have a Tuscan Themed party. I'm not sure we succeeded, but the food was great and I thought the house looked lovely :)

I spent most of Sunday in the bed watching The Hallmark Channel while recouping. When I finally did get up, I decided to test out my "IT Works! Ultimate Body Applicators" that arrived in Friday afternoon. "What in the heck is she thinking spending $89 on some such crap?" you may be thinking. Simmer down now. I really think this is legit. MK, WIMP and I were at a ladies luncheon not too long ago when we came across some ladies selling these patches. They wanted me to host a party at my home so that we could see the patches working right in front of our eyes! We all loved the idea, and I gave the ladies my telephone number. Alas, they never called. This made me somewhat suspicious, but I did a little research and it seems like there might be something to these patches. So, I ordered them on my own. I purchased 4 applicators for $89.

Fast forward to last night. I followed the directions (somewhat) and put one applicator each on my thighs, one on my stomach and finally one on my buttocks/lower back. Mind you, I was supposed to hold each applicator securely in place with an ACE bandage. Unfortunately, I only own 2 ACE bandages and wanted to adhere all applicators at the same time. I found a pair of grey biker shorts and pulled those up over my thigh applicators. Then, I wrapped my mid section securely with 2 ACE bandages and plopped down on the couch. In about 5 minutes the most interesting feeling ever came over me. It was like I my entire body had been dipped into a tub of Icy Hot. It wasn't unbearable or anything, but a bit uncomfortable none the less.

I had been sure to measure my thigh in 3 places, my stomach and my butt/hips before applying the applicators. They say that something like 90% of the process takes place in the first 45 minutes, so after that you can leave them on as long as you like. I left mine on for about another hour and 15 minutes. Imagine my excitement when I peeled off the applicators, rubbed in the extra lotion and broke out the tape measure. Imagine my depression when my thighs measured 2 inches LARGER than they did when I started. Surely I messed up somewhere along the way, because my little belly pooch is gonzo, jeans are looser in the thighs than they were previously. Coincidence? I think not. I ordered 2 more boxes of the applicators this morning :)


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