Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Previous Matches - Status Update!

Alrighty then....back to some of the previous matches that I've been corresponding with. Let's see, what will be the best way to handle this? I suppose I had rather name them or we will all be confused, won't we?

Man of Few Words
First...this match shall be called....well...never mind. I've only winked at him (yesterday), and he's only just now sent a one-liner of an e-mail. I don't know enough about him to name him. I will remind you that he is a match from yesterday. He's the firefighter that is a one year older than me, and lives about 45 minutes away. Here we go...we shall call him "Man of Few Words" because he professes that he is.

He has e-mailed to tell me that he hopes I am enjoying the lovely weather. I sure am! I will e-mail him back after I finish my update here and ask him some questions. Perhaps with a little prompting we will learn something about him :)

G.I. Joe
Next is G.I. Joe. I posted about him a few posts ago. He winked. I winked. He e-mailed a brief e-mail. I replied in kind. I did, however ask a few questions in my e-mail. You know, the basic questions...."are you from here originally?", etc. I'm not from Smalltown, VA originally, so I always find it interesting to see what brings other "transplants" to the area.

He replies that he is from the area originally, and this is what brought him back. He's getting another degree at a local university, and has a job in the area as well. He asks what I do for a living. Guess I will e-mail back and tell him.

I'm not getting good vibes here. Not bad vibes or anything...I mean not like I think he's scary or whatever, but not a lot of thought provoking conversation going on here. I'll send a reply and try to get things moving along!

On to number #3! So, this is the match I told you about yesterday that is a teacher and loves traveling to Europe, like me :) I've called him Lehrer, because it is the German word for teacher. Now then, he's written quite the e-mail response to me and.....GASP....he's an avid tennis player! He asks if perhaps we could play sometime? I ADORE tennis, and I'm pretty okay at it. I hate to lose, and I'm not sure this would be a good "first date", but perhaps if we get to know each other a bit I'll break out my tennis skills. Hmmm....I do like that he plays tennis:)

He also references my profile numerous times, which I always try to do also, so I'm impressed. This match will also receive an e-mail response from me today. Wahooo! Lots to do in the dating world. Perhaps I will have some fabulous date details to share with you soon :)

****Side Note - Have you noticed that I'm not sharing the e-mails from these matches, or too much info on them? I'll bet you have! I can't get much past you :) I've really decided that until I rule someone out...or go out with them and it's abominable...I'm not going to divulge too much. I'm still a little shaken from last week's experience.

****Side Note- This deserves it's own side note :) So, the match that I told you about last week that found my blog and e-mailed me...remember him? I e-mailed him to apologize? Well, he's e-mailed me a nice note in return. I'm not going to share anything about that with you today friends. I know you understand. However, I might just call you and fill you in!

That's it for today. My tongue is feeling less swollen today, as I iced it all evening yesterday. Believe me...icing your tongue is NOT a pleasant experience :( It's still hanging a bit out of my mouth, as it isn't sure where to go since it's twice it's normal size.

Tonight is Wine Group with the girls, so hopefully a bit of vino and friendship will help this single girl heal so that she can prepare for a date or two in the next week. Wahooo!


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Kate said...

I think it would be so fun if you ended up with the guy who found your blog ;)