Monday, March 16, 2009

My Inbox - New Matches!

Back to We have some new matches to look at today. Let's have a look at those before we re-visit our old friends :)

Match #1
Hmmmmmm....(have you ever noticed that if my description starts with a doesn't end up going very well?) Well, that is the case here. This young man has a picture of himself posted that is so far away we can't really tell much about him other than the fact that he is wearing khakis and a black shirt/jacket/fleece??? He is only 5'8", which makes him exactly my height. He also has 2 children that live at home, and has never been married. Translation = I have the kids all the time. Eeekkks! Finally, his profile says he's "look'n to be friendly with someone" and that he is "quit at first but I do open up soon". I think you can now relate to my "hmmmmmmmmm". Goodbye Match #1.

Match #2
This match looks somewhat interesting. He's 6'3", which is lovely, and he's a few years older than me. He's currently separated (you know how I feel about that!), and has no children. He does, however, definitely want 2. That could be a problem. Oh my. Wait just a minute. He's agnostic. That just isn't going to work. I want to marry someone who wants to go to church with me. Someone who is Christian. I'm happy to visit churches that aren't my denomination and all, but not so much visit the idea that there is no God. Goodbye Match #2. (P.S. I made it very clear on my profile that I was ONLY looking for Christians. Why don't these people read?!?!?)

Match #3
This guy has e-mailed me about 5 times. I've never e-mailed back, but I guess I need to let him know I'm not interested. Here's the thing. Everything I've marked that I'm looking for...he is the exact opposite of. I mean EVERYTHING. I'm sure he's really nice to know, but I don't want to know him. We would have nothing in common. He e-mailed to ask me if wearing Carhart was okay with me instead of seersucker. What? Are you serious? If I was looking for someone who wore Carhart, wouldn't I have said that? I hate hiking - he loves it. I would like to meet someone with a college education - he's not gone at all. He insists on writing over and over about how "blue collar" he is. That's fine. Nothing wrong with a hard day's work. I, however, am not blue collar and wonder why someone who is feels the need to press on and on about it? He adores sushi - I hate sushi. The furthest he desires to travel is West Virginia - I.....well, you get the point. Goodbye Match #3.

P.S. He says he can make people cry at funerals. That's just inappropriate, don't you think?

(I'm starting a new post where I will update you on my further correspondence :)


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