Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Inbox!

It's been a few days since I've checked my inbox, and I've just now gotten around to logging in. There are quite a few messages, so let's see what's what!

Match #1
Well, this guy is actually a repeat offender. He's the one that told us a while ago that he is a "work in progress". Remember him? (If not click HERE. He is match #3 in this post). I questioned why anyone would point out that they were a work in progress at the time, and still wonder about that. Anyway, he's not a college graduate and acknowledges this in his e-mail to me. He asks me to give him a break on the higher education qualification. I'm not sure I can do that. Don't get me wrong! I certainly think that people can be very intelligent and successful whether they attended college or not. It's just that I know what college did for me, and how valuable that experience was for me.

This guy is from Smalltown, VA. Lived here his whole life. Travels within the US, and that's about it. Again...doesn't mean there is anything wrong with him, but I find that men I've dated with this M.O. usually disappoint me. They don't really grasp the concept that the world is a HUGE place, with many different cultures, and that Smalltown, VA is a pleasant enough place....but in the scheme of's just a pin prick on the map. Perhaps I should meet him anyway? He's not bad looking, and states that he is 6'0". However, I'm beginning to realize that a guy's perception of 6'0" and the reality of 6'0" are really quite different! Anyway, he is 8 years older than me. Divorced, but no children.

He also notes in his e-mail that "I had thought I had sent you a "hello" message before, but I guess I've just had one too many of those drinks like you're holding in your pic...:)" That drink would be a beer, and I'm thinking he's trying to be funny? I didn't laugh, but that's okay.

Hmmmmm....I really don't know about this one. I'm torn. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Match #2
This guy lives somewhere that I've never heard of. I think it must be smaller than Smalltown, VA. He is divorced, 4 years older than me and has 2 kids. Girls. 10 and 12. He is sure to say "Ladies, you must be willing to accept my kids. If you can, then we are at good starting point :)". I think that's lovely. He apparently loves his children very much. I'm just not sure I want to be a step mom. I know I should probably change my profile to reflect that (currently it says "Not Sure" next to the Kids question).

He's a teacher (YIKES! We've just gotten rid of one and here comes another...just kidding!), and likes to travel to "new and different places". I guess that means that he would go back to Italy with me?

****Side Note - I've just asked MK where this place that he lives is and it's icky! Icky as in dirty and depressing. I don't really like that very's like 1.5 hours away. Boooo.

Okay, I'm not going to wink back at him. I just get this feeling when I look at his picture, and know that he has 2 daughters, and that he lives in icky town and .......well, that's enough.

Goodbye Match #2.
Match #3
Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hysterical. This is truly hysterical. Okay...background. This guy winked at me and e-mailed me and all this other stuff back when I first started as Wendy from Wendy's Adventures in Lalaland refers to our lovely dating site. Anyway, he was really cute and even though he lives about 3 hours away, I winked right back. His tagline at the time was something like "Have tux, will travel". Pretty cute, huh? I thought so. Anyway, I'm e-mailing with him and liking him and considering inviting him to come to Smalltown, VA (to stay in a hotel of course!) for a visit, when I get the REAL story.

So, my friend Real Housewife of Delaware was on MDC back in the day. She lived in the city where this guy lives, and seriously went out with pretty much a guy a night while she was MDCing. (Real Housewife of Delaware is also the girlfriend who went out with Guitar Hero too!) I should have known to check with her. Thank God it came up in conversation before I gave him my phone number!!

So.......this guy's pictures are from like 15 years ago. He now looks about 50. AND...he has this weird tick where he flips his bangs every few seconds, but here is the kicker. He doesn't have any bangs! HA! Real Housewife of Delaware said it was so distracting she couldn't even concentrate on what he was saying. Not that she wanted to, of course, because he was absolutely terrible and self centered and thought he was the bee's knees...and certainly WAS NOT! The best part is that I remember her telling me about this guy and laughing about it. Then, when I saw her next I proceeded to flip my bangs non-stop until we burst into a fit of giggles. THEN...I went to visit her in the city where they both lived and saw him! I thought he was very unattractive, and we giggled some more. Never in a million years would I have guessed that he was this cutie that was winking and e-mailing me :(

So, I e-mailed him. I was honest. I told him that I had actually seen him while visiting his city, and that his pictures were not a true representation of what he looked like. I also told him that I was friends with the Real Housewife of Delaware and that I was no longer interested in meeting him. He didn't respond. I was pleased. I moved on. Never in a million years did I ever think I would log in to MDC to find he has winked at me again!!!! What do I do? Shall I click "Not Interested"? Or, should I just ignore him? Or, should I e-mail him and say "Are you serious, man? Are you really serious?" Hmmmm....I think I will click "Not Interested". I fear if I don't he will just keep winking :(
Match #4
Oh goodness. Oh goodness. He's cross eyed. Really. He has one picture, and it looks like it's from Olan Mills and he's cross eyed. I'm sure he is a lovely person, but I don't do cross eyed. It makes me nervous :(

I'm not sure that there is any reason to go on, but I will....he shares the following information with me in rather abrupt spurts. (maybe it's hard for him to focus?):

"I am an old-fashion guy. I like the quiet life. I am not good with fixing things around the house and I don't know a thing about fixing cars. My whole opinion is if they don't teach at a university, I won't do it. (WAIT...WHAT?!?!?!) Shopping - I really don't like shopping. Favorite color - toss up between red and blue."

Wow. That's rather odd. It's like he's answering questions, but it's in an e-mail? Hmmmm....

Oh gosh. This is the best part. He's 44 and he lives with his parents. Wow. I think I'll just click the little "x" now.
How depressing!!! I guess I will e-mail Match #1 back, but I really don't think it is going to amount to much. Ho Hum. Perhaps I need to shake thinks up a bit? Change my profile a bit? My friend Daisy keeps getting all of these lovely matches! What gives?




Melia said...

Well that was certainly entertaining. I think you should email #1. Oh, and I also think you need to hit "not interested" on mr. tux. He should know better.

Hmmm, maybe you could change up your profile a bit. Maybe talk about some different things or maybe add some new pictures? Anything to shake things up!

Kate said...

Guys (real world ones and celebrities) ALWAYS say they are 6 ft and they definitely are not! I am almost 5'11 so I can easily tell when someone is 6 ft or like 5'10!

Wendy said...

I like that you've adopted MDC - and I like how you made it into a verb. We're on to something here.

The story about Match #3 is priceless! You should click "Report a Concern" on that one.

And poor #4 and his bad grammar. I'm pretty sure they teach that in college, so I'm not sure what his deal is, haha.