Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some Cute Pics of Louis

Since I don't have my camera.  And the stories from last Thursday through the weekend really need pictures with them....I'm going to brighten your day with a picture or two of my little. Who was, by the way, my Valentine this year.  He was, hands down, the snuggliest (yes, I am aware this is not a word) Valentine I've had yet.

(I call this one "Mmmm...This Fire is Toasty!")

(I call this one "Blurry Lord of the Manor")

(I call this one "This Raincoat Makes Me Invincible and A Pair of Crocs")

Please feel free to remind me to bring my camera tomorrow.  As many times as you would like,



mrs.mfc said...

YES, I am so anxious to see your pictures from Saturday night!

I love your picture captions ;)

Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

Oh he looks so handsome in all of them!

Sally said...

He looks so cute, I love the raincoat!

Jenny DB said...

i think your blog needs some westie paraphernalia :) maybe in a signature ?? not that iknow how to do one of those or anythign..

Josie said...

What a cute little Westie!! Thanks for the great photos.

Much Love,

lauren said...

our mutual friend, r from kentucky, told me about your blog! i love it :) your puppy is freaking adorable, and needs to meet my two pups! love those pics.