Monday, March 29, 2010

"I'm a Westie Pup and I've Got Rice On My Nose..."

It seems like everyone around me has some sort of sickness.  Either they've got a head cold...OR...the dreaded stomach bug.  EEKKKSSS!  Louis seems to have both.

Well, technically I think his head cold is allergies.  He's sneezing constantly, and his nose is running.  I've read that I can give him Benadryl, but I'm going to call the vet to make sure that is the best route to take.

AND....technically, I think his upset stomach is due to my changing his food about 15 times in the last week.  Okay, I'm exaggerating, but I've been trying to find just the right thing...and I've compromised his feeling well in my attempts to have a healthy pup.  So, he's been eating home made chicken and rice for the last few days.  He's feeling much better, and I've started to mix in a little bit of  his new (and final) hard food.

I snapped this picture on Friday after I gave him some of his chicken and rice. 

Have you ever heard the hippo song?  It's about a hippopotamus with noodles on his back.


I know, I'm weird.  But it makes me laugh, and when I looked at Louis with this rice on his nose I kept singing:

"I'm a westie pup and I've got rice on my nose, rice on my nose...."

It's the little things that make life so grand, no?



Through Rose Colored Glasses said...

they are such funny little dogs! Potter gets allergies this time of year. He licks his paws a lot which is a sign they are acting up. I have given him benadryl and he went nuts running circles around the house! I hope louis has better luck!


Jenny DB said...

So just a little doggy info: benadryl is a-ok, just lower the dose. ALSO it takes about 2-3 (sometimes more) weeks for dogs to adjust to a new food, so if you switch and it seems to get worse or not get any better for 2-3 days you have to WAIT IT OUT to see if it really helps. With Mr. B when vets thought he had IBD they made me wait 6 FULL WEEKS (all the while he was dropping lbs) to try a new food. Ultimately he had lymphangiectasia and it was all a moot point and now he only eats chicken (or tuna, cottage cheese) and rice/potatoes. Non fat, no gluten. BUT HYPOTHETICALLY if it was a food allergy or intolerance it would have taken at least a few weeks to notice a positive change...

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

What a cutie! xx

Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

I'm so far behind! Yikes! I wanted to pop in and say: poor Louis! I'm sorry he is having allergies and an upset tummy. I'm sure he is probably feeling better seeing as how this was posted on Monday and it is now Friday.

Bentley and Lexi have ragweed allergies and we have to give them Childrens liquid benadryl and/or prescription antihistamines during ragweed season. No spring/summer allergies have developed yet (keeping fingers crossed). Childrens benadryl is great to have on hand just in case of any reactions to bug bites (happened to Lexi) or other environmental allergies.
As for the food thing, the chicken and rice should have helped settle his little tummy. When we switch foods, we normally take 2 weeks do it. We start by adding a little bit of the new food into the old food and gradually increase it once we see that their tummy is handling it ok. And I also wanted to offer my help with the food search. I've done a ridiculous amoutn of research into dog food and nutrition so if you ever have any questions or a second opinion, I'm more than happy to lend my help.

I do hope Louis is feeling better!