Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've Got The Luck o' The Irish!

I just remembered that last year I proclaimed that I would purchase this t-shirt to wear THIS year on St. Patty's Day.  Bah Humbug.  I forgot :(

I'm going to go ahead and order it today, so I'll have it for next year! 

Other than not having a super cute/tacky t-shirt to wear today, I'm still realizing that I've got the Luck o' The Irish on my side :)

Last weekend I went to Wintergreen for a bachelorette weekend.  I was just looking through my pictures to see what I could share, and I realized....I really can't share any of them :-o  It was quite the weekend!  A bunch of girls, at a skii resort, unsupervised.  Not that we did anything illegal, or immoral, but the pictures are not very flattering of any of us. 

My GPS, fondly known as Perpetua II (I named Babbo Natale's Perpetua...and then when I got one I wanted her to be called that as well...hence her designation of Perpetua II), took us off the beaten path on our way to Wintergreen.  She took us through Vesuvius, VA.  Ever heard of it?  Nope.  Me either.  It was charming.  A little village with waterfalls spilling down the sides of the mountains at almost every turn in the road.  There was a store called "Gertie's" that boasted the best BBQ around.  I wanted to stop in on our way back, but it was closed.  Sometimes I think I could live in a little place like Vesuvius, VA.  Then I snap back to reality and decide it's probably much better to just drive through and enjoy it for a brief moment :)

The one thing we did  on over the weekend that didn't involved complete ridiculousness was visit a winery.  We went to Delfosse Winery.  Once again, we deferred to Perpetua...who guided us down unpaved, gravel covered, roads to our destination.  I adore Perpetua, but her sense of direction really isn't too great.  Problematic for a GPS wouldn't you say? 

The wine was just OK.  I bought a bottle of one of their blends to bring home.  The best part of the visit to the winery, however, is how much we laughed as we drove down a dirt road hanging off of the side of a cliff with Perpetua assuring us we are right on course.   Isn't that the way sometimes?  The destination isn't nearly half as much fun as the journey.

I will take a moment to tell you to avoid Peach Sparkletini by Verdi at all costs.  I thought it sounded delish, and bought a bottle to share with the girls.  Incorrect assumption on my part.  It was awful.  Absolutely awful.

I'm off on another lovely mini vacay this weekend.  Today is my last day in the office, and tomorrow morning TEN and I are headed to Gatlinburg, TN with four other couples.  We will be staying in this fancy cabin:

And TEN and I are super excited to do this:

(Your ride combines a Scenic Chairlift ride up the mountain with a fun filled weaving, wandering dipping descent on one of two 1800' tracks through woods and ski trails. You can control your own speed with a braking device on each sled. Accelerate or slow down as you ride down the mountain through curves, straight-aways and hairpin turns into the valley. No special skills or clothing are needed.)

So, IF I decide to come home...I'll be chatting with you soon!

Happy St. Patrick's Day & have a wonderful weekend...



mrs.mfc said...

wow i hadn't seen pictures of the cabin until now!! i am jealous!!!!

i am NOT happy about being in the office by myself. grrrrr. at least i am off on monday though- that will help.

MCW said...

Cabin is beautiful! I went to Wintergreen years ago with my family. We stayed in a tiny condo.

Love the T. Wear it out April 17th and just try to convince people that St. Pattys is actually in April

Jenny DB said...

OK Seriously those pictures are making me drool. I always say i'm so jealous but seriously OMG I WANT TO GO!!! THE PICS LOOK AMAZING> aaaah i need a vacation. but alas, i will be unpacking all weekend long. in our new house. with a broken radiator (brr) and chickens next door (i learned this morning when i heard baack baack baaaack and bondi flipped shit) EGADS (PS I never said that before now. I credit You. I am assuming it means SHIT YIKES F*CK. correct?)

Wendy said...

You stay in such nice looking places - I love it! Have fun :)

Jess said...

I love that cabin!! You're going to have such a nice time!!

Also, the shirt = awesome!! Next St. Patty's will appreciate you wearing it!

DIMH said...

I've been to Gatlinburg! Its super fun and cheeky. That house looks amazing. Have fun!

Jen said...

Lovin' your blog! This is my first time here and will definately be back tomorrow!!

Kate said...

That place looks so fun! the pool, the cabin, the SLIDES-I want to go!

TudorCity Girl said...

Realize you can't share any of the pics! Hahaha. The pics look amazing. Lucky you!