Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Liberty of London

When I was in London in 2009 I went to Liberty of London.  Every time I travel out of the country I purchase a very nice hand bag.  Something I will have for years to come.  Liberty of London is where I went for my London trip hand bag.  I carried that bag almost every day this winter.  I just adore it.  People stop me on the street to ask where I got it.  It was a great purchase :)

(my bag from Liberty of London)

So, you can understand my anticipation of the new Liberty of London for Target line!!  It came out on Sunday, and I didn't get around to logging on to Target's website until yesterday morning.  ALMOST EVERYTHING WAS SOLD OUT!  Egads!!  So, directly after work I headed to my local Target.  Thank heavens they were fully stocked :)  I was a little bit disappointed though.  The sizing of the clothes was a bit off.  I usually wear a small in a dress, and a medium in anything that has legs (pants/jump suits/etc.).  In this line I ended up in a small jumpsuit, needed an XS dress, but then needed a M in a shirt I purchased.  It was all very odd.  I didn't end up purchasing many of the things I wanted because they didn't have any XS's.  Oh well, I spent plenty!!

My new Liberty of London purchases:

(Ladies Liberty Leather Gloves)

I didn't get this for TEN, but I wanted to!  He said he thought the pattern was gaudy :(

(Silk Tie - Suzie B Multicolor)

I really had hoped to get so many more things.  I tried on a bathing suit, and was disappointed.  It wasn't a bright and vibrant as I had hoped.  A few of the dresses were cute (I think), but as I said they didn't have my size.  I adored the home decor items....ALL OF THEM...but I don't need anything else like that at home.  Oh well, I'm so very pleased to have had the opportunity to take a walk down memory lane to my London trip, right here in Smalltown, VA.

If you are interested in finding any of these items, my advice would be to go to your local Target rather than attempt to find anything online.

Happy Shopping!



mk said...

Oooh! I like the idea of buying something big during an international trip. I'm headed on one myself in a few months.

MCW said...

I wish I had a Target near me!